Facing Infinity: Yayoi Kusama’s Life & Endless Rooms

Sarah Rose Etter


Six endless rooms and 70 pieces of art span the life of Yayoi Kusama in this intense, playful exhibit. However, looking closer at the artist’s past, something a bit darker emerges.

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Why Love Now : In Conversation With Pissed Jeans’ Matt Korvette

Sarah Rose Etter


Today marks the release of Pissed Jeans’ fifth album. Over lunch, lead singer Matt Korvette talks about working with Lindsay Hunter, Lydia Lunch, and the process of creating Why Love Now.


Three Jawns: Camanchaca, Pixel Forest, and Float

Sarah Rose Etter


In this episode of Three Jawns, Sarah Rose Etter explores a sharp book set in the Chilean desert, the creation of the pixel and its growth into a forest, and the latest from Anne Carson.


Collapsing The Horses: An Interview with Brian Evenson

Sarah Rose Etter


In a bar in New York City, the author opens up about his latest collection, A Collapse of Horses, psychology, and dreams.


Heads of Wild Flowers: An Interview with Grouper’s Liz Harris

Sarah Rose Etter


Liz Harris of Grouper in conversation with Sarah Rose Etter about composition, inspiration, and control, upon the release of her latest recording, Paradise Valley, out today.


Three Jawns: The United States, Opus 40, and Dolores

Sarah Rose Etter


The latest installation of Three Jawns tackles the latest in democracy, a stone labyrinth built by Harvey Fite, and the paper bag distortion of Philadelphia’s Dolores.


Getting Back To Your Own Hand: An Interview With Ann Hamilton

Sarah Rose Etter


The artist opens up about her latest installation, habitus, process, and spending your whole life returning to your own hand.

Identity Crisis by Michael Murphy, at the Truth To Power exhibit.

These Aren’t Normal Days: The Democratic National Convention

Sarah Rose Etter


Seven scenes from the National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia that highlight politicians, protestors, artists, and the Hillary Clinton acceptance speech.

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Three Jawns: Cruelty, Mitski, and Death

Sarah Rose Etter


“Hype is typically bullshit.” This month’s installation of Three Jawns dips into Maggie Nelson’s exploration of cruelty in art, a live set by New York’s Mitski, and Katie Roiphe’s index of writers’ takes on death, The Violet Hour.


Three Jawns: Beach House, Problems, and Pissgrave

Sarah Rose Etter


“Nothing feels special anymore.” Amidst a contemporary blank space, Sarah Rose Etter finds three sources of current inspiration in the form of shows by Beach House and horror-grind band Pissgrave and a novel by Jade Sharma.