How Minnesotan Is It, or: What Comes After Data

Weston Cutter


Weston Cutter argues the 2015 Minnesota Twins are beyond the usual Sabermetric measurements.

Trophy Limbs

Mariusz Zubrowski


What do our body markings say about our experience and faith? Mariusz Zubrowski takes a hard look though the lens of one brave fan’s ill-fated “Cleveland Cavaliers 2015 NBA Champs” tattoo.

Writers Vs. Writers: Knicks Vs. Celtics

Soren Stockman & Danniel Schooennbeek


In this edition of Writers Vs. Writers, poet and Boston Celtics fan Soren Stockman battles against poet and New York Knicks fan Danniel Schoonebeek.

Writers vs. Writers: Blazers / Wolves

Hanif Abdurraqib & Mike Young


In this inaugural edition of Writers vs Writers, poet and Portland Trailblazers fan Mike Young battles against poet and Minnesota Timberwolves fan Hanif Abdurraqib.

Kafka Watching the NBA: LA, Klay, Sadness, and Dame

Richard Chiem


Kafka is alive and well and here to assist you with a recap of recent NBA action.

Sexting with Tom Brady

Mark Baumer


As Tom Brady prepares for the AFC championship, he sexts.

Soccer! A U.S.-Centric Preview of Argentina’s World Cup Triumph

Pete Hausler


Pete Hausler takes a look at the field for the 2014 World Cup, featuring a fair-handed assessment of how the U.S. team may fare. Art by Danny Jock.

Shaun Livingston’s Knee as Reminder

Tom Westerholm


Tom Westerholm considers Shaun Livingston’s 2007 knee injury, his return to the NBA, and the ways in which even the grace of pro athletes can’t prevent the grotesque.

The Season I Maybe Almost Ditched the NFL

Daniel Torday


Daniel Torday suspects his growing lack of interest in the NFL might be tied to murder, violence, and brain injuries. Or he’s just watching more My Little Pony.