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Everything I’m Reading Right This Second

Amy Herschleb


I strained my neck but supposedly had fibromyalgia for about three gruesome days (it didn’t take) because hypochondria, and I’m over that now, because who has time for that? Which means I count myself infinitely lucky and here is a summary of everything that happened during that time.


Skin Job: Evan J Peterson

Amy Herschleb


Editor picks at the flesh of Evan J. Peterson’s Skin Job and find what meaty truths are hidden there. Next: a field trip to Chambers of Horror.


The Silent History

Casey McKinney


In which Fanzine talks to Eli Horowitz about his new serial/digital book/app project/thing. Mystery! Suspense! What is this hybrid form? What’s wrong with these fictional children? Casey McKinney investigates.


Psycho Moto Fanzine

Amy Herschleb


A tribute to DIY culture that brought us the zine. Video by Ethan Minsker of Antagovision.


Music Man Murray/Record Store Day

Casey McKinney


Richard Parks is like a young Orson Welles, brimming with talent and well into his cups… sorry I mean his cups are overflowing, myriads of mastery spilling into various fissures, gullets, open wounds. He can pick a bluegrass mandolin till your heart bleeds in harmony or skips a pulse, but that’s beside the point. Sort […]

I Live Here Now

Chapbook: I Live Here Now by Jackie Clark

Amy Herschleb


The latest offering from Lame House Press (which "irregularly publishes chapbooks from emerging poets"), Jackie Clark’s I Live Here Now,…


Site: Ironing Board Collective

Amy Herschleb


The thinking person’s fashion blog. From fashion in Rwanda to: Cranston, cobblers, the mementos of generations past, and Joan Didion, the bloggers…

Barreracudas Nocturnal Missions

Music: Barreracudas: Nocturnal Missions

Amy Herschleb


The first LP from the Barreracudas from Douchemaster Records goes down like a turkey rubbed in butter (too soon?): without tenderness but with…

Oneohtrix Point Never - replica

Music: Oneohtrix Point Never

Casey McKinney


You quit smoking again. You may have tried self hypnosis from a podcast. You realize there actually is porn on the iTunes site. You searched…

Real Estate Days

Music: Real Estate: Days

Casey McKinney


I haven’t been doing my musical homework lately or would have noticed the new Real Estate album at the top of the Pitchfork best albums list….