Felicity Fenton


Felicity Fenton with a memoir-essay about adolescence, socialization, drugs, family pressure, and so much more. “Everywhere is better than here we say. And in these dreams we’re always stoned, or ready to be stoned. We live together and love in the way we think we want to be loved.”


Words as Deeds, or Why a Letter from Prison Helps Me to Believe that Words Matter (No Matter What)

Peter Markus


Can poetry still save a life? Peter Markus, a writing teacher of 23 years in Detroit Public Schools, believes it can.


Jazzercise Is A Language: In Conversation with Gabriel Ojeda-Sague

Alli Warren


Alli Warren spoke with Gabriel Ojeda-Sague about his new book, Jazzercise is a Language, and its exploration of nostalgia, biopolitics, and identity.

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Unpublishable: The Gay Science

Evan Lavender-Smith


Evan Lavender-Smith offers up the next installment of Unpublishable with The Gay Science, a mind-bending synthesis that explores Nietzsche through the voice of a poet who doesn’t give a shit.


Why I Don’t Have Sports Heroes

Gregg Murray


Gregg Murray unpacks the ethics of aspiring to greatness at any cost, inspecting the dividing line between a winner’s “grit” and the sometimes gray area around cheating.


Obligatory Leaving New York City Essay

Todd Dillard


“Someone says: everyone has a leaving New York essay in them, even the people who have never been to New York. It might be me; I am sometimes an asshole.” Todd Dillard sorts through a decade of asymmetrical experience of NYC, searching for something like himself.

architecture house plan blueprint

My House, Our House

Innas Tsuroiya


Innas Tsuroiya provides “a personal museum for breached goods,” cataloguing the space and objects that frame her family’s daily life.


Because of That Book: An Interview with Brian Evenson on Raymond Carver’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

Robert Lopez


Robert Lopez in conversation with Brian Evenson about his latest release, a book-length exploration of Raymond Carver’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.


There Is Something to Be Said For When Your Life Begins to Leave You Behind 

Abby Hagler


“There is something to be said for when your life grows tired of you. It will leave just a like a human. This is one of only two superstitions I have created for myself.” Abby Hagler opens up about the secrets we keep with our ourselves and feeling lost in your own person.


An I Remember for Mark Baumer

Amish Trivedi


Amish Trivedi with a heartfelt look back one year after the tragic passing of the poet, activist, artist, friend we knew and loved as Mark Baumer.