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Book Album Book: Guilty Pleasures

Jeff T. Johnson


The latest from Jeff T. Johnson’s Book Album Book takes a look at why we like what we like when we like it, how we think about those things, and where to go from here.


No Longer Exists: A Conversation Between Randal O’Wain and Jeff Jackson, Author of Destroy All Monsters

Randal O'Wain


Randal O’Wain spoke with Jeff Jackson about Jackson’s new novel from FSG, out now. Jackson will be a featured reader at this week’s Letters Fest in Atlanta.


The Language of Our Own Private Country: An Interview with Leah Dieterich

Chelsea Hodson


Chelsea Hodson speaks with Leah Dieterich about transparency, unattainability, lyrical prose, and ballet’s archetype for romantic love in Dieterich’s new novel, Vanishing Twins: A Marriage.


Donnie Darko

Claire Donato


“On October 31, 2018, I let Frank come into my apartment.” Queer rape-revenge fiction by Claire Donato, set in a future Halloween, featuring two-way mirrors, Joy Division, Frank the Rabbit, and Ka-Tzetnik 135633’s House of Dolls.


Everyone Has a Macho Man Randy Savage Impersonation

Brian Oliu


Brian Oliu parses the performative stylings of one of wrestling’s most iconic figures into a meditation on origin and self-presentation. Brian will appear as a part of the Letters Festival in Atlanta, running November 8-10. Tickets available now at


From Spain

Caren Beilin


Fanzine’s ongoing coverage of the brilliant cast of authors appearing at this year’s Letters Festival in Atlanta, running from November 8-10 at the Atlanta Contemporary, begins with a stunning excerpt about Jean-Phillipe Toussaint from Caren Beilin’s memoir, SPAIN.


Big Red, or How Florence Welch Became the Rock-and-Roll Queen of My Messy Queer Heart

Jeremiah Moriarty


“The first time I heard a Florence and the Machine song, I was a sweaty, closeted teenager in a hot car, casually getting every cell in my body rearranged by a voice.” Jeremiah Moriarty on self-discovery through art, consumer culture, and escape.


Reading Pregnancy Test Reviews on

Sloane Frederick


“I thought women back home were always in pain. I thought I escaped, learned how to live in spite of what happens when life doesn’t roll over its belly for you.” Sloane Frederick on their experiences with family roles, leaving home, and the process of discovering one’s persona.


Drop Out of Life: On Ottessa Moshfegh, Bojack Horseman, and the Convenient Label of Nihilism

Quinn Roberts


Quinn Roberts explores overlapping themes of wealth, mental illness, and self-medication in Moshfegh’s latest novel, My Year of Rest and Relaxation, and Netflix’s animated series Bojack Horseman.



Brett Ortler


Brett Ortler with a moving essay on what happens when technologically connected millennials die, video games, the smattering of friendships that stick with you (for whatever reason) for life, losing a close friend to chronic illness, the music of Matthew Good, and much more.