Paring Away At That Apple: An Interview with Kate Wyer

Julie Reverb


Kate Wyer in conversation with Julie Reverb about alchemy, polyphony, insomnia, and surprising yourself as a writer.


The Toxic & the Lyric II: Hearing and Hell; Inversion as Subversion; Everyone, or, The Dead; the Child-Migrant

Joyelle McSweeney


The second installment in Joyelle McSweeney’s ongoing column on The Toxic and The Lyric, this week turning to the notion that “The Map of the Ear is the Map of Hell,” and including consideration of the work of Kim Hyesoon, Don Mee Choi, William Blake, and more.


In Search of Duende: Kiss the Fire

Daniel Vidales


“Rather than just bastardized values of authenticity and emotion, Lorca’s theory really deals with formulation and application. Duende arguably occurs during the creative process, a period where distortions, cracks, and twists birth meaning with experience and skill.” Daniel Vidales challenges traditional notions of duende, emphasizing the willful intention behind art.


A Simple Stretch of Highway

Brett Ortler


“If Google Earth marked each death with a pin in real time, the world would seem to bloom with departure. On a day-to-day basis, the locations of most deaths go unmarked.” Brett Ortler investigates the tragedies that underly the roadside memorials that line our daily paths.


What It Takes to Be a Princess

Stephanie Jimenez


“There were no Spanish princesses as far as I knew, so Pocahontas it was.” Stephanie Jimenez reflects on growing up struggling to understand race, culture, and love while consuming popular media that exoticizes women of color.

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Standard Book Promo: Chelsea Martin & Scott McClanahan in Conversation

Chelsea Martin


Chelsea Martin & Scott McClanahan both promote their own books, Caca Dolce and The Sarah Book respectively, & fight a little bit about their own schticks.


Unimaginative Imagination: Besson’s Valerian and its image of tomorrow

Marcel Inhoff


“Instead of using his imagination to enhance, enlarge, expand the vision of the original text, Luc Besson allows his own limitations regarding race, gender, and culture to limit the scope of his movie.” Marcel Inhoff digs into the underlying aspects of a world vividly visually imagined, yet finding other ways to fall short.


The Literary Dung Ball: In Conversation with Jac Jemc and Amber Sparks

Amber Sparks


Amber Sparks & Jac Jemc tackle plot, ghosts, and craft in their conversation on the occasion of Jemc’s new novel, The Grip of It.


Installation as Interior: In Conversation with Sophie Durbin’s “Corrty Pye Municipal Office #4″

Sylvia Faichney


Sylvia Faichney explores the interior and architecture of Corrty Pye, a fictional location created by interdisciplinary artist Sophie Durbin, inspired in equal measures by Edward Gorey and her childhood experience of Detroit.


A Meal Is More Than a Meal: An Interview with Hala Alyan

Eric Nelson


Hala Alyan in conversation with Eric Nelson about her debut novel, Salt Houses, which traces the history of a Palestinian family in conflict amid political furor.