VANITY IS THE ENEMY: An Interview with Ottessa Moshfegh

Luke B. Goebel


Ottessa Moshfegh in coversation with Luke Goebel about witchery, drugs, personality, and her new story collection, Homesick for Another World, out today from Penguin Press.


Pipe Dreams: Why J.R. Smith Isn’t as Weird as You Think

Gregg Murray


Is J.R. Smith insane? Or is he just a one-of-a-kind mind within the script-friendly culture of pro sports? Gregg Murray delves into the mythology surrounding the one of the NBA’s most flamboyant personalities.


In Search of Duende: Self Loathing in a Fast Food Parking Lot, or: A Catalog of Sadness

Paul Asta


“Duende is more than a fleeting moment of sadness. It’s an aesthetic. A projected acceptable sadness. A stepsister of nostalgia.” Paul Asta takes a kaleidoscopic view of Duende, via Elliott Smith, mental illness, and fast food.


Collapsing The Horses: An Interview with Brian Evenson

Sarah Rose Etter


In a bar in New York City, the author opens up about his latest collection, A Collapse of Horses, psychology, and dreams.



Bryan Woods


“I’ve taken doses of drugs I thought might be lethal and woken up the next morning without so much as a headache.” Bryan Woods’s personal essay homage to Édouard Levé’s Autoportrait brings new light into an old form.


You Don’t Console a Reckoning: A Conversation with Sasha Fletcher

Hilary Leichter


The moon being an asshole, hand tattoos, and Sasha Fletcher’s latest book, It Is Going to Be a Good Year, are tackled in this insightful interview with Hilary Leichter.


Tobias Carroll Goes West

Nicholas Rys


Tobias Carroll in conversation with Nicholas Rys about the writing of his new novel, Reel, as well as zines, record labels, Bob Dylan’s Nobel, and much more.



Grant Maierhofer


Grant Maiherhofer explores the nature of addiction in his frank and moving meditation of a lifelong struggle with the acceptance of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.


Heads of Wild Flowers: An Interview with Grouper’s Liz Harris

Sarah Rose Etter


Liz Harris of Grouper in conversation with Sarah Rose Etter about composition, inspiration, and control, upon the release of her latest recording, Paradise Valley, out today.

FILE--A group of former Heaven's Gate members has planned a public showing of a 70-minute tape in Berkeley, Calif., featuring the cult's late leader, Marshall Applewhite, shown in this March 28, 1997 file photo.  ``We've been feeling like we're not doing a good enough job of making our information available to people,'' said Chuck Humphrey, a spokesman for the group calling itself the Away Team. Humphrey gained notoriety when he and another man downed a mix of alcohol, phenobarbital and applesauce in May with hopes of joining 39 Heaven's Gate members who committed suicide near San Diego in March.  Wayne Cooke died, but Humphrey was found in a hotel near San Diego unconscious with a plastic bag pulled off his face. He was revived.  (AP Photo/File)

Curious: An Interview with Living Representatives of Heaven’s Gate

Troy James Weaver


Almost twenty years after the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide in 1997, survivors of the group continues to run and operate a website devoted to their beliefs. Recently, Troy James Weaver corresponded with the site’s overseer via email for a behind the scenes look at the current state of their beliefs and practices.