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And I Want a Sixth, Or a Toss-up: On Meeting Lupe Fiasco

Janice Sapigao


An essay in pieces by Janice Sapigao on the moments leading up to meeting Lupe Fiasco in an ice cream parlor in LA. This essay also meditates on the relationship between artist and audience, between celebrity and fandom, as well as race and understanding.

Image for Your Spanish Fling - option 1

Your Spanish Fling

Jana du Plessis


Jana du Plessis’s essay on Tinder, meeting people online, getting over heartbreak, small talk, and clichés.


Ideal Home Noise (3): Wenders, Costa-Gavras, Home

Jeff Jackson


The third installment of Jeff Jackson’s Ideal Home Noise takes a look at new and updated releases from Wim Wenders, Costas-Gravas, and Stewart Home.

Japanese Garden, by Karen McAlister Shimoda

The Bathhouse

Brandon Shimoda


Scenes from The Grave on the Wall, a project in which Brandon Shimoda writes about his grandfather through a series of poetic images: “One dreams of living above a bathhouse / In a snow-covered field…”


Teenage Wasteland: The Endurance of Archie Andrews

Nora Hickey


Nora Hickey shows that we’re all trying to find our way back to something and that Archie comics are weirder than you likely are aware of.


Conception Tourism at Levitated Mass

Fortunato Salazar


What inspires people to want to try to have procreative sex under a 340-ton boulder? Fortunato Salazar investigates the Levitated Mass at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


How (Not) to Apologize

Molly Brodak


Is your “apology” actually an apology, or a backhanded method of defense? Molly Brodak takes a deeper look.


Fifteen Minutes

Jimmy Chen


“I guess I’m a little ambivalent about, quote, meeting someone from Tinder at the museum, end quote.” New prose in dialogue from Jimmy Chen.


Coolness, Class, and the Canon: Blue Velvet vs. Something Wild

Scott Creney


Why is David Lynch’s Blue Velvet considered a classic, while Jonathan Demme’s strangely parallel Something Wild is not? Scott Creney provide a close critical evaluation of two of 1986’s strangest films.


Big Girls

Sara Finnerty


A heartbreaking and beautifully crafted personal essay on motherhood, being big, and loving too much.