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Smithereens: On Robert Walser’s Microscripts

Gary J. Shipley


An in-depth look into Robert Walser’s notoriously claustrophobic “microscript” style of making text.

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How to Live In An Insect If The Dumpsters Have No More Carbs

Mark Baumer & Lorian Long


“I think if I ever get a face tattoo I will get ‘I am currently the dumbest person on earth compared to every future version of myself’ because I want to read it every time I look in a mirror.” Lorian Long and Mark Baumer in conversation about dumpster diving, raw food, exercise, and life.


Further Research on the Role of Human Tears

Dennis James Sweeney


Dennis James Sweeney examines the human impulse to cry, the role of tears, and our capacity at persistence.


Impetus of Imperfection

Amanda Mills


A look at the still-thriving print zine culture in the era of digital media, through the eyes of some of Atlanta’s longest-standing practitioners.


What About Nathan? On Top Dogs, Underdogs, and Sore Losers

Lucy Tiven


What is an underdog? What is a sore loser? Where do either fit into our contemporary consciousness? Lucy Tiven considers these questions and others in relation to Nathan the Bloodhound, Elvis Presley, Kanye, Paul Gösch, and the author herself.

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Savage Park: An Interview With Amy Fusselman

Courtney Maum


Courtney Maum interviews Amy Fusselman about her newest book, Savage Park.


Articulatory Organs and Hindi Sounds

John Rufo


A lyric essay by John Rufo on learning Hindi. “Hindi is a very scientific language.”


Oscar Party 2015: White Year

Kevin Killian


At his annual Oscar party Kevin Killian laments the lack of nominees of color while roasting the sure fire white winners playing numerous afflictions.


A Skeletal Low: Juliet Escoria Interviews Sarah Gerard

Juliet Escoria


Juliet Escoria picks Sarah Gerard’s brain about her debut novel, Binary Star, writing in a trailer, and the best book of the year.


Lost Scripts and Misbehavior

Nicholas Grider


Impromptu communication can be complicated for the autistic, and even more so when trying to get involved in something as formal as converting to Judaism.