Ideal Home Noise (4): Chytilova, Ocampo, Bourgeois

Jeff Jackson


Jeff Jackson with his latest monthly roundup of stimulating creations, this month including the work of Vera Chytilova, Silvina Ocampo, and Louise Bourgeois.

Tell the Truth in the Truest Way Possible: A Conversation with Thomas Page McBee

Marisa Crawford


Thomas Page McBee’s writing brings attention to men’s lives as socialized, gendered experiences, rather than having invisible or absent gender. Marisa Crawford talks with him about choice, empathy, and his new book, Man Alive.

Stop Worrying and Love Gary Shteyngart: A Review of “Little Failure”

Nate Waggoner


Barbaric asthma cures, hipster codes, and gradations of privilege in the latest work from publicity-caricature-nee-author Gary Shteyngart. Nate Waggoner reviews.

OMG Embarrassing Yourself Is the Best Art: A Review of E-Flux Journal

Janey Smith


Janey Smith interrogates the definition, effect, marketability, and reception of contemporary art in the age of YouTube.

The Biggest Villain: An Interview with Jamie Iredell

Gina Myers


Jamie Iredell talks with Gina Myers about why he is ashamed of who he is, but not afraid of it.

Figures for an Apocalypse: A Dissection

Amber Sparks


Edward Mullany’s newest is a vision of the world ending that eschews blood and guts for true, deep dread. Amber Sparks reviews.

The Mountains Are Strip-Mined: A Review of Scott McClanahan’s Hill William

Eric Nelson


Scott McClanahan’s latest novel, Hill William, newly released from Tyrant Books, reheats the miracle beneath the darkness of the everyday. Eric Nelson reviews.

What is Sought: A Review of Kathleen Graber’s The Eternal City

Lucy Tiven


Stark, slippery language and shape-shifting poems make The Eternal City a book worth defacing, underlining, annotating. Lucy Tiven reviews the best book of poetry she almost never bought.

IDGI: A Review of Greil Marcus’s Lipstick Traces

Janey Smith


More than twenty years after its release, Janey Smith takes a bold-eyed look back at American music critic Greil Marcus’s mammoth Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the Twentieth Century.

All Glitter, Everything: An Interview with Laura Relyea

Gina Myers


Laura Relyea has transformed Ke$ha, the very embodiment of glitter’s most popular properties (sharp, dangerous, sparkles) into an everywoman, the kind of best friend a girl dreams about, a glorious and monstrous synthesis of all the women you wish you could be, in her forthcoming chapbook All Glitter, Everything. Gina Myers sits down with Relyea to discuss her many varied projects and inspirations.