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Why Normal Has Failed To Occur: On Monster Portraits

Christy Crutchfield


Christy Crutchfield explores the monsters, fiction hybrids, and the heart of strange creatures via Monster Portraits by Del Samatar and Sofia Samatar.


The Mime Deals in Negation: A Review of A Twenty Minute Silence Followed by Applause

Joseph Houlihan


Shawn Wen’s biography in blank verse of Marcel Marceau the famed French mime establishes her as an irresistible force, much like her debut’s subject. Joseph Houlihan reviews.

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Three Jawns: Wolkers, Wild, Wild Country, & Hamilton

Sarah Rose Etter


This edition of Three Jawns explores the complicated pulse of Jan Wolkers’ Turkish Delight, the stirring cult hit documentary Wild, Wild Country, and Ann Hamilton’s at hand, a paper-based installation that resonates through emptiness.

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A Song About Overthrowing Capitalism: On Ryan Eckes’ General Motors

Gina Myers


Gina Myers takes a look at Ryan Eckes’ latest, General Motors, which examines Philadelphia, capitalism, and pigeons shitting on bosses.


A House Built of Whetstone: A Review of Prairie M. Faul’s In the House We Built

Paul Cunningham


“Prairie M. Faul’s poems are multifaceted and the whetstone—the stone used for sharpening—is the skin of this stunning house of a book.” Paul Cunningham reviews In the House We Built.


Listen: A Review of Ella Longpre’s How to Keep You Alive

Andrew Byrds


How do you keep yourself alive? Andrew Byrds investigates the effects of Ella Longre’s debut How to Keep You Alive through a personal and intimate lens.


Fado, Feminism, and Faith in Marina Carreira’s I Sing To That Bird Knowing He Won’t Sing Back

Hugo dos Santos


Marina Carreira’s I Sing to that Bird Knowing That He Won’t Sing Back is “an ambitious first publication; one that succeeds, in part, because of how true it remains to the essence, both personal and cultural, both literal and figurative, of fado, the Portuguese genre of music, as a form of artistic expression.” Hugo dos Santos reviews.


Christmas Presents Full of Nothing: A Review of The Sarah Book by Scott McClanahan

Meghan Lamb


How to build a moving story out of a lifeline of lies, loss, and bad decisions? Meghan Lamb takes a look at how Scott McClanahan’s The Sarah Book weaves its strange and heartfelt magic.


“I wasn’t helpless at all. I wasn’t a beetle.” : A Review of Colin Winnette’s The Job of the Wasp

Jason Teal


Colin Winnette’s latest, The Job of the Wasp, reprograms the murder mystery to invite such questions as: What cruelty lurks behind a shadow? Why can’t we weep openly without scorn? Why doesn’t weather menace our stories? Jason Teal reviews.


IDEAL HOME NOISE #14: Yoshida, Tate, Durand

Jeff Jackson


This edition of Ideal Home Noise takes a look at the Kiju Yoshida box set from Arrow Video, a Greg Tate reader, and Anouck Durand’s Eternal Friendship.