A Dollop of Puerile Fireworks: On the Suicidal Squad of David Ayer

Susana Bessa


What made Suicide Squad such a disaster? Susana Bessa peers deeply into one of the year’s biggest entertainment flops and attempts to sort how and why.


WHATEVER: A Review of Nevermind by Robert Fitterman

Laura Theobald


What’s the point of repurposing the lyrics to Nirvana’s Nevermind into a 712 page poem? Does there have to be a point? Laura Theobald reviews the latest book length work by conceptual badboy Robert Fitterman.


Album Roundup: May+June 2016

Scott Creney


Scott Creney reminds you there’s more to listen to than what P4K and your indie friends push on you, with a roundup of new music by Beyonce, Cate Le Bon, Brian Eno, CE Schneider Topical, and more.


Solipsistic Complicity: On The Neon Demon

Philip Dinolfo


Nicholas Winding Refn’s latest film, The Neon Demon, is full of would-be provocative images and socially critical themes, but does it actually add up to anything besides hot air? Philip Dinolfo reviews.


Ideal Home Noise (8): Jacques Rivette

Jeff Jackson


The eighth installment of Jeff Jackson’s Ideal Home Noise column focuses solely on the 16-disc DVD and Blu-ray box set of the work of the French New Wave’s Jacques Rivette, out now from Britain’s Arrow Films


A Pornography of Nods: On Gaspar Noe’s Love

Grant Maierhofer


In his consideration of Gaspar Noe’s latest film, Love, a “3D erotic romantic drama” featuring fully penetrative sex, Grant Maierhofer grapples with contextualizing a revered artist’s latest work in the light of conceptual disappointment.


The Bedrooms of Our Childhoods: On The Incantations of Daniel Johnston by Scott McClanahan and Ricardo Cavolo

Kimberly King Parsons


Scott McClanahan and Ricardo Cavolo’s intercostal collaboration on a graphic novel of cult singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston’s life rewards its reader with surprising and moving nuance depicting the life of a true outsider. Kimberly King Parsons reviews.


I Feel Discouraged About the Future: A Review of Anna Moschovakis’s They and We Will Get Into Trouble for This

Natalie Eilbert


Shades of Kierkegaard and Alice Notley come together in Anna Moschovakis’s latest collection, They and We Will Get Into Trouble for This. Natalie Eilbert reviews.

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Three Jawns: Cruelty, Mitski, and Death

Sarah Rose Etter


“Hype is typically bullshit.” This month’s installation of Three Jawns dips into Maggie Nelson’s exploration of cruelty in art, a live set by New York’s Mitski, and Katie Roiphe’s index of writers’ takes on death, The Violet Hour.


Ruin Review 3: Atlanta

Sean Kilpatrick


“Please note your rot. No one online does.” Sean Kilpatrick’s tour of American ruin pulls through Atlanta, GA and ends up in a boxing bar near the airport, contemplating how it feels to be a human amid humans.