Brandon Brown is Arcimboldo! A Review of THE FOUR SEASONS

Michael Gottlieb


“kale, grapes, internet wars, water of the Yuba, medical cheeba, Gregg Araki movies, the smell of Alli’s neck and clavicles, a disintegrating leather couch on which I chill, Carly Rae Jepsen…” Michael Gottlieb reviews the latest from Brandon Brown.

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After The Storm: On Katie Jean Shinkle’s Ruination

Berry Grass


Berry Grass explores the rootgrowth, pareidolia, and post-storm green nightmare of Katie Jean Shinkle’s latest novella.


Book Album Book: Parquet Courts, Wide Awake!

Jeff T. Johnson


“No apologies / and fuck Tom Brady,” sings Parquet Courts in the second edition of Jeff T. Johnson’s Book Album Book, this month on the review of their new album Wide Awake!”


Actual Tiny Tigers: A Review of DOUBLE BIRD by Bud Smith

Josh Denslow


The unreal melds with the real in Bud Smith’s new collection of short fiction, Double Bird. Josh Denslow reviews.


No One is There: A Review of Tongo Eisen-Martin’s Heaven is All Goodbyes

Emily Liebowitz


Emily Sieu Liebowitz reviews Tongo Eisen-Martin’s latest collection of poems, Heaven is All Goodbyes.


Book Album Book: Courtney Barnett’s Tell Me How You Really Feel

Jeff T. Johnson


Introducing: Book Album Book, a new column by Jeff T. Johnson that looks to read albums as cohesive works of literature. This week, Johnson kicks us off with an introduction to the series, followed by a study of Courtney Barnett’s Tell Me How You Really Feel.


Despair Is Contagious: On First Reformed

Ken Baumann


Ken Baumann on the ongoing functions of certainty and despair as seen in Paul Schrader’s latest film, First Reformed.


“To One Who Governs the Pauses”: LM Rivera’s The Drunkards, or The Book of Years and the Radiant Void

Julia Madsen


“LM Rivera’s captivating debut collection, The Drunkards, or The Book of Years, presents ecstatic lyrical-philosophical excursions that simultaneously think, play, drink, and feel, inhabiting a fluid and open space where anything can happen and possibility is just within reach.” Julia Madsen reviews.

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Why Normal Has Failed To Occur: On Monster Portraits

Christy Crutchfield


Christy Crutchfield explores the monsters, fiction hybrids, and the heart of strange creatures via Monster Portraits by Del Samatar and Sofia Samatar.


The Mime Deals in Negation: A Review of A Twenty Minute Silence Followed by Applause

Joseph Houlihan


Shawn Wen’s biography in blank verse of Marcel Marceau the famed French mime establishes her as an irresistible force, much like her debut’s subject. Joseph Houlihan reviews.