Let’s Die: The Soho Press Book of 80s Short Fiction

Grant Maierhofer


Dale Peck’s curation of important and sometimes neglected avant-garde lit from the 80s–including Mary Gaitskill, Dodie Bellamy, Bret Easton Ellis–stands not to establish a canon, but to undo one. Grant Maierhofer reviews.


Explanations Are Impossible: A Review of Bandit: A Daughter’s Memoir

Gregg Murray


Molly Brodak’s Bandit tells the story of growing up the daughter of a multiple felon bank robber in Detroit, and in the process shatters all expectations of how a memoir is supposed to work. Gregg Murray reviews.


All that Exists for the Audience: On Gabriel Blackwell’s Madeline E.

Nathan Knapp


In a kind of “literature of bewilderment,” Gabriel Blackwell takes the form of film criticism (that is, a book-length dissection of the mysteries at work in Hitchcock’s Vertigo) and blends it with memoir, philosophy, and memory-maze, to mesmerizing results. Nathan Knapp reviews.


World and War Memories: A Review of Don Mee Choi’s Hardly War

Paul Cunningham


Don Mee Choi’s Hardly War collages photographs, equations, and verbal shrapnel tracing the ghostly damage broken open in wartime Korea and Vietnam. Paul Cunningham reviews.


The Loving Heart of Captain Fantastic

Sean Lawlor


Sean Lawlor on the familiar “strange” and heart in Matt Ross’s new film Captain Fantastic starring Viggo Mortensen.

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Ideal Home Noise (9): Breakdown, Berman, & Galembo

Jeff Jackson


In his ninth installment, Jeff Jackson details the noise that should be filling your home, including fantastic manga, Wallace Berman’s collages, and the masks of Galembo.


A Dollop of Puerile Fireworks: On the Suicidal Squad of David Ayer

Susana Bessa


What made Suicide Squad such a disaster? Susana Bessa peers deeply into one of the year’s biggest entertainment flops and attempts to sort how and why.


WHATEVER: A Review of Nevermind by Robert Fitterman

Laura Theobald


What’s the point of repurposing the lyrics to Nirvana’s Nevermind into a 712 page poem? Does there have to be a point? Laura Theobald reviews the latest book length work by conceptual badboy Robert Fitterman.


Album Roundup: May+June 2016

Scott Creney


Scott Creney reminds you there’s more to listen to than what P4K and your indie friends push on you, with a roundup of new music by Beyonce, Cate Le Bon, Brian Eno, CE Schneider Topical, and more.


Solipsistic Complicity: On The Neon Demon

Philip Dinolfo


Nicholas Winding Refn’s latest film, The Neon Demon, is full of would-be provocative images and socially critical themes, but does it actually add up to anything besides hot air? Philip Dinolfo reviews.