Complicated Love: On Joanna Klink’s Excerpts from a Secret Prophecy

Kent Shaw


Where inside the speaker does love poetry come from and what becomes of love when it can no longer be professed? Kent Shaw reviews the latest book of poetry from Joanna Klink.


Selected passages from the diary of P

Tristan Foster


“Paper comes from trees come from the earth comes from soil comes from the dead.” New fiction by Tristan Foster.

more rain

Out Into Nothingness: On M. Ward’s More Rain

Max Winter


M. Ward’s latest album, More Rain, extends the haunted melancholy of his previous albums into a delicate, disorienting new territory. Max Winter reviews.


A BYRONIC MOTHERFUCKER: An Interview with Adam Gnade

Juliet Escoria


Juliet Escoria in conversation with Adam Gnade, whose new novella Locust House is out now from the publishing arm of San Diego’s seminal noise-punk/hardcore label Three One G.


Salt and Paper

Natalie Shapero


“What we’ve done to each other, / we’ll never get out from under.” A new poem from Natalie Shapero, selected by summer poetry editor Lucy Tiven.


Listening for the Voices We All Hear: A Conversation with Scott McClanahan

Nicholas Rys


“I don’t think people realize that books are fake and you can do anything you want with a book.” Nicholas Rys goes deep in conversation with Scott McClanahan on the occasion of his latest projection, a collaborative graphic novel with Ricardo Cavolo about the life of cult songwriter Daniel Johnston.



André Babyn


“I was getting older and it scared me, not because I was going to die, but because I didn’t like looking back and seeing all the different lives I had lived.” New short fiction from André Babyn.


Bad Business is Good Art—Fonograf Editions

Jeff Alessandrelli


Fonograf Editions, a new imprint whose first release comes from Eileen Myles, is releasing poetry on vinyl and betting–like all of us–on Lewis Hyde.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.07.24 AM

Until My Eyes Are Soakin': An Evening With Iggy Pop

Jaime Fountaine


Jaime Fountaine reports on a night with Iggy Pop, which leads to a reflection of self-editing, love, and freedom.


Three Poems

Wendy C. Ortiz


“when you throw love in the garbage / it’s different / than when you throw it under the bus” Three new poems by Wendy C. Ortiz, from summer poetry editor Lucy Tiven.