The Anti-Natalist and Anti-Colonial Messages in The Girl With All The Gifts

GB Gabbler


“If our post-apocalyptic stories are contingent on propagating the human species, despite ourselves and our abilities, we risk promoting suffering for the sake of suffering.” GB Gabbler explores the anti-natalist and anti-colonial themes in play within the 2016 zombie film The Girl With All The Gifts.


Declaring War on the Universe: Leila Guerriero’s A Simple Story: The Last Malambo

Scott Daughtridge


Leila Guerriero’s A Simple Story: The Last Malambo investigates the passion and devotion of the malambo dancers who dedicate their lives to perform in an annual, life-changing competition in Laborde, Argentina. Scott Daughtridge reviews.


Unpublishable: colon |kōlən|

Vi Khi Nao


“Inside the vortex of her manuscript, her fingernails carve quotation marks on his back. He has not grown accustomed to being used in a sentence that way.” The latest installment of our Unpublishable series, featuring authors’ previously elsewhere-rejected work, comes from the great Vi Khi Nao.


LCD Soundsystem’s American Dream: A Triumphant Call to Reawaken

Sean Lawlor


“We reenter the struggles of limitations and mortality.” Sean Lawlor provides an in-depth review of LCD Soundsystem’s new album American Dream.

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Inside The Glass Eye: Michael Kimball & Jeannie Vanasco In Conversation

Michael Kimball


Michael Kimball speaks with Jeannie Vanasco about her latest book out from Tin House, The Glass Eye, with a specific focus on memoir, memory, and not being brave.


Artists on Art: Okkyung Lee on Francis Bacon’s Portrait of George Dyer

Robert Kloss


Okkyung Lee shares inspiratorial vibes gleaned from an encounter with a Francis Bacon portrait of George Dyer at the Tate Modern.


“I believe in nature” / “‘Kim People R Dying’ – Kourtney Kardashian season 6 episode 11 of _KUWKT”

Precious Okoyomon


“Beauty is a reminder of organizational death” New poetry by Precious Okoyomon.


The Toxic and the Lyric III: On Hearing; Sound and Damage; Suzan-Lori Parks and Douglas Kearney; A Cicatrice; Billie Holiday; Strange Fruit and Damaged Plants

Joyelle McSweeney


Our third installment of Joyelle McSweeney’s The Toxic and The Lyric studies “the ‘exact’ relationship of sound and damage,” by way of Roberto Bolaño, Stagger Lee, and Billie Holliday.


A Way Now: Kevin Killian’s Tony Greene Era

Dylan Byron


The latest from Kevin Killian is “Tony Greene Era, a book that’s as essential as Grindr and should be used no less frequently.” Dylan Byron reviews.

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Unpublishable: Censored Emails From Noam Chomsky

Sarah Rose Etter


Unpublishable is a new series that seeks to publish writing & art that’s been rejected. In the first installment, emails from Noam Chomsky are blotted out in the days following the Trump election.