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Birth & Brothers: Two Stories

Margaret Patton Chapman


Two new short fictions by Margaret Patton Chapman, a featured author at this year’s Letters Festival in Atlanta (Nov. 6-8). Art by Danny Jock.


Tell the Truth in the Truest Way Possible: A Conversation with Thomas Page McBee

Marisa Crawford


Thomas Page McBee’s writing brings attention to men’s lives as socialized, gendered experiences, rather than having invisible or absent gender. Marisa Crawford talks with him about choice, empathy, and his new book, Man Alive.


Conceding Is Not Consent: A Response

Natalie Eilbert


Natalie Eilbert turns a sharp, unwavering eye to the issues of consent, concession, and certainty in sex.

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Procrastination Contest

Paul Longo


“I see a boundless suspicionless mass surveillance apparatus / and I can see you see the same”: Donald Dunbar’s editorial tour of the Pacific NW makes its next stop with a new poem by Paul Longo.


Whose Body Is My Body: Terrifying Things I Learned from Reading Katha Pollitt’s PRO: Reclaiming Abortion Rights

Kati Heng


Kati Heng tries to wrestle with the question of whether an abortion is about the woman or the life she’s carrying.


Six Poems

Daniel Beauregard


Six poems of death, sex, and dreaming computers by Daniel Beauregard.


An Excerpt From 300,000,000

Blake Butler


In celebration of Blake Butler’s latest book, we’re proud to offer an exclusive excerpt of 300,000,000. Congratulations, Blake!


The Void Becomes The Solid: A Review of Conversations With Beethoven

Nathaniel Popkin


Nathaniel Popkin uncovers the silence and response of Sanford Friedman’s inventive portrait of Beethoven through his struggle with his nephew Karl and his written notes.


I Just Try To Be Honest and It Turns Out Funny: An Interview with Timothy Willis Sanders

Andrew Duncan Worthington


Andrew Duncan Worthington sits down with Timothy Willis Sanders to discuss George W., porn, Ferguson, and the creation of his novel, Matt Meets Vik.


How They Met

Rachel Springer


“A map is obsolete the day you make it.” Donald Dunbar’s editorial tour of the Pacific NW makes its next stop with a new poem by Rachel Springer.