Molly Brodak


“Criminals are dreamers, just like you.” The Flint water crisis is not forgotten in new poetry by Molly Brodak.


A Pornography of Nods: On Gaspar Noe’s Love

Grant Maierhofer


In his consideration of Gaspar Noe’s latest film, Love, a “3D erotic romantic drama” featuring fully penetrative sex, Grant Maierhofer grapples with contextualizing a revered artist’s latest work in the light of conceptual disappointment.


A Dad in the Life: Part II

Chuck Young


“My dad had a moment last week when he and a dog spent some really peaceful time staring into each other’s eyes through the glass of one of the offices near the bathroom that he likes to put his number twos in and, to tell you the truth, until just now when he saw the dog again with their owner and they had a tearful reunion, he hadn’t really been exactly sure that the dog was real (this being the day after he had gotten a little high and then took a long shower and then brushed his hair for what felt like a good portion of the night while taking a virtual reality style tour using only his mind of every apartment he’s ever lived in and then putting on the most comfortable clothes he owns: boxers with the stretched out waistband, one of his grandfather’s old hanes undershirts, his ex-sister-in-law’s sweatpants, socks my grandmother says are Oprah’s favorite, two-sizes-too-big hoodie left by the guy who painted our house, brunch hat, and mesh running shoes, before going to a 10:30pm showing of a movie on a Sunday night with the best friend that let us live in his basement when he hit the reset button on our life; all of this a series of acts in the subtle art of self-care).” New fiction by Chuck Young.


It All Changes: An Interview with Monica Drake

Kati Heng


Monica Drake, author of Clown Girl and the story collection The Folly of Loving Life, answers questions about ghosts, meds, old Portland, and motherhood.


The Bedrooms of Our Childhoods: On The Incantations of Daniel Johnston by Scott McClanahan and Ricardo Cavolo

Kimberly King Parsons


Scott McClanahan and Ricardo Cavolo’s intercostal collaboration on a graphic novel of cult singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston’s life rewards its reader with surprising and moving nuance depicting the life of a true outsider. Kimberly King Parsons reviews.

Graphic of a digital sound on black bottom

Going to Poland

Haley Markbreiter


“Yur;t hates poems / it’s all neo-nationalist Lithuanian shit / from the second to last / break from the Russian Empire, / which still exists.” New poetry by Haley Markbreiter, from summer poetry editor Lucy Tiven.


I Feel Discouraged About the Future: A Review of Anna Moschovakis’s They and We Will Get Into Trouble for This

Natalie Eilbert


Shades of Kierkegaard and Alice Notley come together in Anna Moschovakis’s latest collection, They and We Will Get Into Trouble for This. Natalie Eilbert reviews.

Petit Trois

Mireille Enos Owns Petit Trois

Fortunato Salazar


“Mireille Enos was teaching her how to wield a certain gizmo that resembled an amulet and converted bars of bullion into butter. Or maybe it was the other way around…” New fiction by Fortunato Salazar.


Count Backwards from 10: Andrea Kneeland’s Top 10 Songs Ruined By Exes

Steven T. Hanley


The second installment of Steven T. Hanley’s curation of artists’ making love lists brings us Andrea Kneeland’s list of her top ten songs ruined by her exes, including Elvis Costello, Joanna Newsom, and Hank Williams, Sr.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.25.19 PM

Three Jawns: Cruelty, Mitski, and Death

Sarah Rose Etter


“Hype is typically bullshit.” This month’s installation of Three Jawns dips into Maggie Nelson’s exploration of cruelty in art, a live set by New York’s Mitski, and Katie Roiphe’s index of writers’ takes on death, The Violet Hour.