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THEN I BUST OUT: Review of Jurassic Park (1993 out of 10)

Amy Lawless & Jeff Alessandrelli


“I bridged the divide between my brain’s hemispheres through art and soft drugs and bad decisions.” The second entry from Lawless and Alessandrelli’s reviews of living and dead animals, THEN I BUST OUT, returns with a wild review of Jurassic Park.


Ambassador of Nowhere

Ulrica Hume


“With sad magnificence you wandered, terrorizing passengers who secretly wished to pat your fur and stroke your muzzle. They hid their coin. They hid themselves. Judged.” New short fiction by Ulrica Hume.


Listen: A Review of Ella Longpre’s How to Keep You Alive

Andrew Byrds


How do you keep yourself alive? Andrew Byrds investigates the effects of Ella Longre’s debut How to Keep You Alive through a personal and intimate lens.



Patrick Milian


“The biggest boundary to fully functional artificial intelligence is language processing.” 12 mini-essays by Patrick Milian, traversing the ongoing fractal “making and unmaking” of the boundaries of human experience.


THEN I BUST OUT: Review of Dead Bat (Stereotype out of 10)

Amy Lawless & Jeff Alessandrelli


“The new thinking about loss is no different than the old thinking about loss, yadda yadda yadda. But loss has never been about thoughts new or old and to believe so is to believe only in humanity.” Amy Lawless and Jeff Alessandrelli kick off their series of reviews of living and dead animals, THEN I BUST OUT, with a review of the dead bat.



Gaurav Monga


“Already even then the actor who occupied center stage had been replaced by a marionette that looked like him, so much so that many years later the actor began to assume marionette-like movements and even fashioned his clothes to resemble that of a doll’s.” New fiction by Gaurav Monga.


Fado, Feminism, and Faith in Marina Carreira’s I Sing To That Bird Knowing He Won’t Sing Back

Hugo dos Santos


Marina Carreira’s I Sing to that Bird Knowing That He Won’t Sing Back is “an ambitious first publication; one that succeeds, in part, because of how true it remains to the essence, both personal and cultural, both literal and figurative, of fado, the Portuguese genre of music, as a form of artistic expression.” Hugo dos Santos reviews.


Obligatory Leaving New York City Essay

Todd Dillard


“Someone says: everyone has a leaving New York essay in them, even the people who have never been to New York. It might be me; I am sometimes an asshole.” Todd Dillard sorts through a decade of asymmetrical experience of NYC, searching for something like himself.


Elegy to the Great Auk

Yuan Changming


“Eldey Island. 3 July 1844. Two Iceland fishermen / Caught and killed two birds” New poetry by Yuan Changming.


King-King, Soft with Love

Harris Lahti


“The other aides don’t know King-King like me. The other aides think he is a pervert. But the other aides are wrong.” New fiction by Harris Lahti.