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All You Pretty Things: Randal O’Wain Talks with Juliet Escoria about her debut novel Juliet the Maniac

Randal O'Wain


Juliet Escoria spoke with Randal O’Wain about Escoria’s debut novel, Juliet the Maniac, discussing autofiction, addiction, youth, and including a soundtrack straight from 1999.

Take the ugliness and the beautifulness and stick them right next to each other: An Interview with Juliet Escoria

Andrew Duncan Worthington


Juliet Escoria in conversation with Andrew Duncan Worthington about witches, shopping, the recents floods in West Virginia, Axl Rose, and her latest book, Witch Hunt, out now from Lazy Fascist.

5 Poems from Witch Hunt

Juliet Escoria


“When something bad happens in the collective consciousness / you can hear some real pain / but mostly it is obfuscated by the static / of people saying: / ‘I care too.'” Five poems by Juliet Escoria, from summer poetry editor Lucy Tiven.