For your microaggressions

I Learned to Roar (In a Strip Club)

Christina Lee


Hip Hop journalist Christina Lee explores industry microaggressions, strip club food, and why you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Katy Perry’s saccharine hit.


A Review of Drake’s Nothing Was The Same ft. Philip Roth

Mark Baumer


Mark Baumer reviews Drake’s Nothing Was The Same in the only way that a Drake album should be reviewed: with almost no description of the actual music.

Hippy Bus IN BK-330

Melt Down Low Down

Jordan Somers


Vague recollections of the year’s best party: a field reporter tries to remember what he was doing in the woods. Art by Danny Jock.


The Spot-On Stupidity Behind Fat Tony’s Smart Ass Black Boy

Christina Lee


While the majority of underground rap now groans and pines for ’90s-inspired artistry and sociopolitical awareness––”Where’s the real hip-hop?” being a key question––Fat Tony’s raps flaunt his smarts but also bear an easy appeal. Smart Ass Black Boy is out now.


The Backbone of Any Legitimate Art: An Interview with Justin Pearson

Eric Nelson


An interview with Justin Pearson about the Che Café days and replays, writing books, and practicing avoidance. The evasive noisecore frontman on sincerity and art.

Deerhunter, Monomania

Monomania: Monomania

Thomas Moore


A review of the new Deerhunter album, Monomania, waiting for the guitars to kick in.


“We Don’t Need Freedom?” an Interview with Ian Svenonius

Jordan Somers


Ian F. Svenonius discusses his new book, Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ‘n’ Roll Group, a satirical instruction manual slash insightful lesson in Capitalism from the late greats. His book tour brings the new title (and perhaps a séance or floating chair) to 529 Bar in East Atlanta, Saturday, May 11th at 7:30 pm.


An Interview With Young Family

Matthew Sherling


A revealing interview with the Young Family circus, aka Sam Pink and Kelly Schirmann, with new insights into the McDonalds conspiracy and the truth behind the sad dance-pop apocalypse––and the creative process that produced their first full-length album, King Cobra.


A Guitar Hero Guide to Marnie Stern

Christina Lee


The latest (and possibly last) Marnie Stern album, The Chronicles of Marnia, prompts a retrospective re-listen of her discography in the hope she doesn’t go the way of Jack Slater.


The Little We See In Moscow Case 1993

Christina Lee


Michael Jackson: Moscow Case 1993: An overlooked documentary offers a brief but devastating glimpse at the King of Pop during his fall from grace, a time we would rather forget.