Theresa Russell: Regarding Tracey Emin

Lara Mimosa Montes


A found-language / daydream in which we imagine that actress Theresa Russell reviews the Tracey Emin installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, forthcoming in 2013, and is a fan.

Love Story: Frida & Diego & I

Amy Herschleb


“Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting” is on exhibit at the High Museum of Art as of Valentine’s Day 2013. This is about the beholder and all that is beheld.

Past Tense

Thomas Moore


Thomas Moore shares his Best of 2012 list now that the world hasn’t ended and more things happened than Xiu Xiu’s Always.

A Burning City, A Polka-Dotted Street

Lauren Traetto


Vernacular & street art blow open the gallery doors, unleashing Art into the streets. Lauren Traetto explores the Heidelberg Project of Detroit Michigan and its mission of fostering the artistic community by creating a dialogue with public spaces.

A Knight Takes Up The Fight For Joy

Alexandra Hemrick


Alexandra Hemrick lays down the weary burden of a 9-to-5 and takes up the fight for joy, drawing on the legacies of Beethoven, Klimt, and Spinal Tap. It is a noble crusade. Turn the speakers up to 11.


Molly Brodak


Molly Brodak on a meditative wander through the Carlos Museum, and what she avoided there. Art by Danny Jock.

A Tunnel Too Far

Gean Moreno


Privatized infrastructure is reshaping Miami, not in an Edward Sharpe “Up From Below” type of way––more in an Underminer way.

Roberto Burle Marx: The Modernity of Landscape

Gean Moreno


The landcape architecture of Roberto Burle Marx is the interstitial fluid that lubricates the intersection of nature and artifice. As the lines blur that separate insular impulses of design, the artist reimagines the usefulness––and ultimately, the paradigm––of deliniation. Gean Moreno takes us through Burle Marx’s garden of forking paths.

The Object is Not the Art

Matthew Sherling


Artist Truong Tran presents his second major exhibition in San Francisco, At War, and interviewer Matthew Sherling joins in the fray. As close to home as the living room in Haight Ashbury where poetry is read, music is played, and the plastic cube everyone has been photographed naked in sits placidly, Tran’s art is a natural extension of his poetry––and his distrust of it.

Experience the Wait: Carsten Holler

Bradford Nordeen


Here’s an idea: art is about access to an imagined experience. Half Seward Street slide and half Escaliers de Montmarte, Carsten Höller’s Untitled (Slide), 2011 is the centerpiece/centrifuge of his New Museum installation Experience, running from October 26 through January 15, 2012. Bradford Nordeen takes a trip through the funhouse of Höller’s making and sends back reports on the waiting front. Here’s the slide, here’s your ticket ro ride.