Queso Cheese

Becca Yenser


“What I’m trying to say is, there’s something wrong with me. It’s not that I don’t believe in anything, it’s that I don’t care.” New short fiction by Becca Yenser.


What An Investment in Black Life Looks Like: An Interview with Quenton Baker

Richard Chiem


Quenton Baker in conversation with Richard Chiem about his book, This Glittering Republic, which unflinchingly dives deep into many questions surrounding the state of blackness in America.


Sound and Not

Grant Maierhofer


How does noise change who we are? What is the difference between noise as music and mere cacophony? Grant Maierhofer meditates on the influence of chaotic audio in his life, including SUNN O))), Joy Division, and The Body.


“saint angela”

Theo Francis


“i think a black and white crown vic is basically the platonic ideal of a cop car” New work by Theo Francis.


In Search of Duende: Marina Abramović’s Feral Power

Bradyn Sloan


“The ephemerality and immateriality of the evening lurk in the vaulted space, threaten the elevated precise present, and host duende, which by nature comes awake when time and element are allocated as such.” Bradyn Sloan elegantly charts the duende within a recent Seattle visit by Yugoslavian performance artist Marina Abramović.



Anne-Marie Kinney


“Even when she was the size of an aircraft carrier, the tumbling bodies jockeying for space were a bizarre delight. She imagined her womb as a wilderness where anything could happen.” New short fiction by Anne-Marie Kinney.


To Hack, To Become Immune: An interview with Aase Berg

Paul Cunningham


Aase Berg in conversation with Paul Cunninghan upon the release of her latest book, Hackers, translated from the Swedish by Johannes Göransson.


“I’m Nobody! Who are You?” The Life and Poetry of Emily Dickinson @ The Morgan

Adam DeGraff


Adam DeGraff visits the Emily Dickinson retrospective at the Morgan Library and becomes immersed in previously unfamiliar aspects of her life.

clown wig

Case Clown

Mairead Case


What does it mean to perform as a clown? What can be gleaned from the experience and carried over into life, creation?

great image of a perfect fluffy cloudy blue sky

You Were Saying

Zoe Goldstein


“A cop looks at me from another car and I feel…panic? No, I just regret everything.” New short fiction by Zoe Goldstein.