Max Oginz


“The suffering is a collection of silences waiting to be inflicted.” New short fiction by Max Oginz.


Jazzercise Is A Language: In Conversation with Gabriel Ojeda-Sague

Alli Warren


Alli Warren spoke with Gabriel Ojeda-Sague about his new book, Jazzercise is a Language, and its exploration of nostalgia, biopolitics, and identity.


Me Too at the Oscars

Kevin Killian


Kevin Killian conducts his yearly spirited postmortem of the Oscars, drawing as much from what is not said as what is said amid a raging year of scandal.

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Unpublishable: The Gay Science

Evan Lavender-Smith


Evan Lavender-Smith offers up the next installment of Unpublishable with The Gay Science, a mind-bending synthesis that explores Nietzsche through the voice of a poet who doesn’t give a shit.



Sarah Estime


“Minnie looked around the waiting room annoyed with the anxious energy thrusted in her direction for the purposes of penetrating her inhuman appearance of peacefulness. She looked around to appear unannoyed.” New short fiction by Sarah Estime.


Two Stories About Guns

Ryan Ridge


“They were handing out handguns outside the grocery. If you didn’t own any bullets, it didn’t matter. They’d throw in some along with the gun as long as you signed on the line.” Two new short stories by Ryan Ridge.


Why I Don’t Have Sports Heroes

Gregg Murray


Gregg Murray unpacks the ethics of aspiring to greatness at any cost, inspecting the dividing line between a winner’s “grit” and the sometimes gray area around cheating.

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THEN I BUST OUT: Review of Jurassic Park (1993 out of 10)

Amy Lawless & Jeff Alessandrelli


“I bridged the divide between my brain’s hemispheres through art and soft drugs and bad decisions.” The second entry from Lawless and Alessandrelli’s reviews of living and dead animals, THEN I BUST OUT, returns with a wild review of Jurassic Park.


Ambassador of Nowhere

Ulrica Hume


“With sad magnificence you wandered, terrorizing passengers who secretly wished to pat your fur and stroke your muzzle. They hid their coin. They hid themselves. Judged.” New short fiction by Ulrica Hume.


Listen: A Review of Ella Longpre’s How to Keep You Alive

Andrew Byrds


How do you keep yourself alive? Andrew Byrds investigates the effects of Ella Longre’s debut How to Keep You Alive through a personal and intimate lens.