Unpublishable: A Letter On Grief

Ashley Bethard


Ashley Bethard expertly explores death, grief, and her brother in this letter as part of Unpublishable’s fourth installment.


Unpublishable: THIRST

Claire Donato


In the third installment of Unpublishable, Claire Donato explores wine, thirst, feeling, and sickness with her piece, Thirst.


“I want the emotion to be the center of truth” An Interview with G.O.A.T’s Jim Laczkowski

Meghan Lamb


Chicago musician and podcaster Jim Laczkowski (of a variety of acts from James Eric to G.O.A.T, short for Garden On A Trampoline) in conversation with Meghan Lamb about editing, film, teaching, and his latest album, Silent Light.

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Inside The Glass Eye: Michael Kimball & Jeannie Vanasco In Conversation

Michael Kimball


Michael Kimball speaks with Jeannie Vanasco about her latest book out from Tin House, The Glass Eye, with a specific focus on memoir, memory, and not being brave.


Artists on Art: Okkyung Lee on Francis Bacon’s Portrait of George Dyer

Robert Kloss


Okkyung Lee shares inspiratorial vibes gleaned from an encounter with a Francis Bacon portrait of George Dyer at the Tate Modern.


The Toxic and the Lyric III: On Hearing; Sound and Damage; Suzan-Lori Parks and Douglas Kearney; A Cicatrice; Billie Holiday; Strange Fruit and Damaged Plants

Joyelle McSweeney


Our third installment of Joyelle McSweeney’s The Toxic and The Lyric studies “the ‘exact’ relationship of sound and damage,” by way of Roberto Bolaño, Stagger Lee, and Billie Holliday.


Notes for the Future of Unworkable Work in Two Parts – Part 2

Gary J. Shipley


“You will not recognize the new art, if it ever arrives, beyond your own ignorance of it.” The conclusion to Gary J. Shipley’s manifesto on the multitude of possibilities in the impossible.


Notes for the Future of Unworkable Work in Two Parts – Part 1

Gary J. Shipley


“The only thing to be made clearer is your own perplexity.” In part 1 of 2, Gary Shipley provides a shifting, mutative rulesheet for how we might get somewhere else from inside our perception of the known.


Paring Away At That Apple: An Interview with Kate Wyer

Julie Reverb


Kate Wyer in conversation with Julie Reverb about alchemy, polyphony, insomnia, and surprising yourself as a writer.


The Toxic & the Lyric II: Hearing and Hell; Inversion as Subversion; Everyone, or, The Dead; the Child-Migrant

Joyelle McSweeney


The second installment in Joyelle McSweeney’s ongoing column on The Toxic and The Lyric, this week turning to the notion that “The Map of the Ear is the Map of Hell,” and including consideration of the work of Kim Hyesoon, Don Mee Choi, William Blake, and more.