Maybe The Book is Bewildered: An Interview with Hajara Quinn

Jeff Alessandrelli


Jeff Alessandrelli spoke with Hajara Quinn about community, awe, inspiration, and her award-winning debut poetry collection, Coolth.

Seeking Past: An Interview with Jake Syersak

Jeff Alessandrelli


Jake Syersak speaks with Jeff Alessandrelli about Syersak’s new book of poems, Yield Architecture.

Off the Page: An Interview with Gabrielle Civil

Jeff Alessandrelli


Jeff Alessandrelli caught up with author and performance artist Gabrielle Civil to discuss perspective, stereotypes, expectation, and much more in the wake of her genre-bending memoir Swallow the Fish.

Bad Business is Good Art—Fonograf Editions

Jeff Alessandrelli


Fonograf Editions, a new imprint whose first release comes from Eileen Myles, is releasing poetry on vinyl and betting–like all of us–on Lewis Hyde.

Notes Towards an Essay about the Writing Scenery in Portland.

Jeff Alessandrelli


Jeff Alessandrelli digs into Portland’s literary scene, finding both a lack worth paying attention to and a sufficiency to make flyover states jealous.

A Question of Form

Jeff Alessandrelli


Jeff Alessandrelli talks form and contemporary poetry through a review Edward Hirsch’s A Poet’s Glossary.

The Opposite of Poetry is Oppression: An Interview with James Gendron

Jeff Alessandrelli


Jeff Alessandrelli talks with James Gendron about poetry, Magritte, and comedy.