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Welcome to the Predatorium (or Kim Dorland’s Creepy Copse)

Derek McCormack


Author Derek McCormack writes of artist Kim Dorland that his “ideas of nature come from horror movies. More than that: it’s like they come from watching horror movies on a VCR in a rec-room in Alberta in the 1970s…Look at his use of rhinestone eyes for owls: very macramé. Look at use of nails and string for the wolves’ teeth and drool: very string art. Look at the trees: they’re painted on wood, so that grain is visible beneath." Fanzine gets the goods, an essay from very limited edition catalogue based on a show at Mike Weiss, NY. P.S. – look for work from McCormack’s publishing house Book Bakery in the near future. All Images here courtesy of Angell Gallery, Toronto.

The Fairy’s Hole: Vincent Fecteau’s Caveman Sculpture

Derek McCormack


Author Derek McCormack takes us down the fairy’s hole, from the fairy grottoes of Georgian England on down through André’s beauty parlor on The Flintstones, to the modern, colorfully garish, ponderously beautiful, holey fake forms of Vincent Fecteau, now on view at Matthew Marks in New York City.

God’s Gaultier

Derek McCormack


Derek McCormack returns to Fanzine with more than a review of Dodie Bellamy’s "Kathy Forest"; in no small way celebrating the life of writer / poet / performance artist Kathy Acker, who died of breast cancer in 1997.

Santa Suits: McCormack’s Holiday Fashion Column

Derek McCormack


It’s that time of year again. When traditions are reinforced. Ever wonder how Santa Claus came to be a one outfit kind of guy? Like Tom Wolfe? Mark Twain? Wayne Coyne? Well, McCormack charts Santa’s suit history down to its current static iteration. This is from McCormack’s new book, Christmas Days on Anansi Press.


Derek McCormack


Derek’s November fashion column is tailor maid for the month. A look at France’s traditional St. Catherine’s Day. As the country has burned this week, it is interesting to note some of its history’s more peaceable protests.

Spangle is a Synonym for Sequin

Derek McCormack


Derek McCormack continues his fashion column with an exploration of the tortuous history of sequins

Vera West

Derek McCormack


Author Derek McCormack begins his fashion column with a piece on a tragic costume designer from Hollywood’s past, Vera Miles.