“my body is a horror” & “bloodsisters”

Jayme Russell



my body is a horror

wails like a child in the rain
the howl of nothing
air locked into lungs
how easily the contaminant
gets into this body
reject it eject it
the hand slides up the thigh
show it off scream
real loud no one
can hear in this
space a murky wood
where distress signals die




heart charms snapping into place
wrapped round the wrist a fist gone PINK
from tightening such a small space like
silver poured into an empty cavity
braced bright pain straightens you out
this play is like murder like milk poured
into straight blonde hair hardening
Aqua Net won’t cover the smell


Jayme Russell is the author of two chapbooks: PINKification (Dancing Girl Press, 2017) and PINKpoems (Adjunct Press, 2017). Her writing can also be found in Black Warrior ReviewDiagramFairy Tale Review, and elsewhere. She received her M.A. in Poetry from Ohio University and her MFA in Poetry from The University of Notre Dame.