Music: Mi Ami

Casey McKinney


Speaking of disco (in light of Francia’s Imelda Marcos piece) music was supra-fun for a while there, not long ago, as bands were rediscovering the disco/funk/post-punk mix of late 70s NY musicians like James Chance, Talking Heads, Blondie, etc. Am talking about the Rapture, LCD Soundsystem and so on. Nick Sylvester did a great piece remembering that 2nd coming in NYC here on Fanzine 2 years ago. And Mi Ami’s latest screams of a style that is punk as hell, trippy, and by god you can dance to it (a third tier so fast?). Well you can certainly dance to “Latin Lover” on Steal Your Face. Then watch that stolen face melt on “Dreamers.” Mi Ami is made up of ex Black Eyes members, is based in SF, and I swear this album is new. -CM