ARTICLES BY Kevin Killian

Oscars Distracted

Kevin Killian


Kevin Killian’s annual Oscars rapid-react tunes in on what went missing during a period of declining ratings and social scandal.

Me Too at the Oscars

Kevin Killian


Kevin Killian conducts his yearly spirited postmortem of the Oscars, drawing as much from what is not said as what is said amid a raging year of scandal.

Cassandra at the Oscars

Kevin Killian


Kevin Killian’s annual Oscars coverage finds him in a Los Angeles that despite the present state of national uncertainty and awakening feels hardly different than it did twenty years ago.

Oscars 2016: The Year of the Boycott

Kevin Killian


Who had fun at the Oscars this year? It’s hard to say. Kevin Killian takes his annual dissecting eye to what showed up and what was missing during one of the more socially misaligned events of the season.

Oscar Party 2015: White Year

Kevin Killian


At his annual Oscar party Kevin Killian laments the lack of nominees of color while roasting the sure fire white winners playing numerous afflictions.

Under Stormy Skies: Oscars 2014

Kevin Killian


‘Twas raining little bald men at Kevin Killian’s annual Oscars Party where it was hard to say what was more shocking, Matthew McConaughey’s speech or Pink doing Judy Garland.

TV Party: Oscars 2013

Kevin Killian


Ok, so you probably skipped the Oscars to watch The Walking Dead and Girls instead, and believe you me Spreadeagle author Kevin Killian gets that. Still it’s fun to see what stars show up looking high (Renee, the Kristens anyone?). Here’s the saucy highlight reel 2013 Academy Awards wrap-up to save you from your DVR.

The Whispers of the Gods: Oscars 2012

Kevin Killian


Didn’t your mama…er…the movies ever tell you that silence is golden? i.e. shut off that damn cell phone. Yes, no, maybe? This year that little saying, worthy of Emerson, means something more apparently. Kevin Killian and his Oscar party crew do their annual send up of the idols of Hollywood.

The Cinema of Whitney Houston (with Bradford Nordeen)

Kevin Killian


Fanzine arrived at Moby Dick in San Francisco just in time to see Whitney sing Step By Step on February 11th in a televised tribute to her own life, as happens with celebrity, the product outliving the person, a self-made monument. Fanzine took the long way home, reflecting, and stayed up late watching her films. Kevin Killian’s 2008 essay, with fellow fan Bradford Nordeen, analyzes her mythic presence through her movies, locked in the vice-grip of fame, of performance, of the voice.

The 2011 Minna Street Oscars Party

Kevin Killian


So you’ve saddled up to your desks and are wondering what the hell happened at the Academy Awards last night, or actually why they may have been the least surprising in years… still there remain a few head scratching queries in Kevin Killian’s inimitable style, like: Personally, all it took was nine words, “Gwyneth Paltrow will perform ‘Coming Home’ from the film Country Strong,” for me to hand back my SAG card, the way that boys my age used to burn their draft cards in the age of Vietnam. Where was poor Cher? as Randy Newman may have wondered. It’s another homestyle San Francisco Oscar Party!