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Amy Herschleb


The thinking person’s fashion blog. From fashion in Rwanda to: Cranston, cobblers, the mementos of generations past, and Joan Didion, the bloggers…

Barreracudas Nocturnal Missions

Music: Barreracudas: Nocturnal Missions

Amy Herschleb


The first LP from the Barreracudas from Douchemaster Records goes down like a turkey rubbed in butter (too soon?): without tenderness but with…


Zine: Hyde/Burn Collector

Amy Herschleb


Who says print is dead? Eat my ass, Harvey Levin––and I don’t mean in a good way. It’s a sign of the times when Creative Loafing…


Book: Monster Party by Lizzy Acker

Amy Herschleb


Monster Party, Lizzy Acker’s first book, is love without mercy for your own heart, the fierce, inextinguishable flame of certitude that the barriers…


Stories V! by Scott McClanahan

Amy Herschleb


Fanzine has seen Scott McClanahan read. He has the charisma of a Flannery O’Connor character, a southern preacher in a dusty black suit bringing to his flock the gospel that James Joyce is dead, even if Scott’s more transparent prose might well from a tributary of the same spring, riverrun from his hometown West Virginia down here to Georgia (where Fanzine now resides). McClanahan is a story teller, and he has a wealth of oral yarns ready for an ear; thankfully they are also on the page. Amy Herschleb reviews his latest collection, Stories V! from Holler Presents.


Lynne Tillman: Someday This Will Be Funny

Amy Herschleb


Amy Herschleb finds there are several ways to read American Genius Lynne Tillman’s latest collection of stories, Someday This Will Be Funny. And some ways are more fun than others.