Your Daily Horoscope

Nik De Dominic


Your Daily Horoscope

The Chinatown bus is unusually crowded today.
You move your way to the back and stand
between two women catching up.  From conversation
it is evident they have not seen each other
for a long time. That maybe they used to work
together. The blonde guy with acne,
dead. Tig? Dead, too. And the guy
that looked like a weasel. He disappeared.
No one has seen him. You begin to wonder
if they are cops but you know cops don’t take the bus.
When your father sold Fords he told you
they had the worst credit.  It isn’t until
they begin to discuss Katey Sagal and her evolution
as an actress since Married with Children
that you realize they are talking about not work
but Sons of Anarchy. When you get home that night,
take off all of your clothes, turn off the lights
and wait for your lover. When your lover comes
through the door, tell your lover
that you want to taste his glands.


Nik De Dominic writes poems, teaches, and lives in Los Angeles.

Photo: Jeff Griffin