RESULTS FOR features

Of Death and Los Angeles

Erin Wisti


Erin Wisti’s essay on her trip to the Museum of Death in Los Angeles.

Numb & Number – The Revolution Will Not Be Brooklynized

Scott Creney


Scott Creney tries to find anything other than Joshua Cohen and Ben Lerner in the new ‘novels’ from Joshua Cohen and Ben Lerner.

On The Meaning of the Confederate Flag: William Pope.L and Robert E. Lee (An open letter to Southern Culture from an accidental exile)

Guy Benjamin Brookshire


“The flag is humanity’s worst attempt to control the wind. A murder kite. An invitation to war.” Guy Brookshire takes a long hard look at the problematic legacy of the Confederate flag from secessionist William Miles to Dylann Roof, including stops along the way for Jasper Johns and Vanessa Place.

Ruin Review 1

Sean Kilpatrick


The first of an ongoing series by Detroit native Sean Kilpatrick, in which the author takes work as a door-to-door fundraiser in a city already in the midst of immeasurable decay.

“I Dare You”

Nichole L. Reber


Nichole L. Reber’s memoir essay in which Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits reveal just as much about the viewer: “I can just imagine you pressing me on, saying, ‘Go on. I dare you.'”

Cada día, cada día and How to Get Through the Next

Meghan Broughton


Megan Broughton chronicles a trip to Spain and back home: “Along with old familiarity arrives the new understanding that closure is perhaps not what one seeks or perceives it to be.”

And I Want a Sixth, Or a Toss-up: On Meeting Lupe Fiasco

Janice Sapigao


An essay in pieces by Janice Sapigao on the moments leading up to meeting Lupe Fiasco in an ice cream parlor in LA. This essay also meditates on the relationship between artist and audience, between celebrity and fandom, as well as race and understanding.

Your Spanish Fling

Jana du Plessis


Jana du Plessis’s essay on Tinder, meeting people online, getting over heartbreak, small talk, and clichés.

Ideal Home Noise (3): Wenders, Costa-Gavras, Home

Jeff Jackson


The third installment of Jeff Jackson’s Ideal Home Noise takes a look at new and updated releases from Wim Wenders, Costas-Gravas, and Stewart Home.

The Bathhouse

Brandon Shimoda


Scenes from The Grave on the Wall, a project in which Brandon Shimoda writes about his grandfather through a series of poetic images: “One dreams of living above a bathhouse / In a snow-covered field…”