Lara Glenum




My stanky eyes crumple

all over Boom Boom Mountain
Where garbage boys trill

& drill in marshmallow
firebursts	I toss a wolf head

into their gang majik 	I drive
my tasteless death-rig

all over their futile posse
I catch a single rat embryo	like a cold
in my sinuses
         I accidentally fall asleep
in the murder museum	 & Ghosts spew blood-curlicues
                    A monster appears
All dangly
         tubes & drippy blubber 
& I can’t stop 		dreaming about you 	My valentine lobes
grow long & I knock you
         into my swinging contagion

& I accidentally try to explode yr heart
I accidentally block yr every artery
with my car

I block yr nerves with poisonwood splinters
I block up yr crimesoaked eye

My accidental lifestyle 
among loons
is now for sale


I was skeered

like a glamoured rat
My thumper gone twitchy with all the discount hexes

I was young I was a cheap raiding party
The hunters 		licked me through my panties
while I ordered sow hearts online

& torched them
to achieve hologram-perfect skin

I floated through the afterparty in a mist of blood
to hide my perfect dials & febrile knobs

which I so badly needed twisted
before I gagged on my own black bile
A rotting thing

in a chipper box						
surrounded by small horny animals
It Girl Shit Girl

I was a photo filter called Rot
At the venom burst At the shooting
         I made snow angels
in dumpfields of red sewage 

Even the decaying musculature
of snowflakes
looked good on me 

The black lace of fried nerves
I ate off my own legs
like a delicacy


I’m unbossed & sinking

in the guts of the hour	
I’m corrupt in the guts

of yr gluey warbling
I’m strung out like blow

in a bubbling sky
Yr a smart boy

You don’t believe
this nonsense

You go south & starkers
& various other kewl appointments

I don’t care

With my vixen soul whip
& my max glands rising

I’m a scab eater

I bite hard 	until you let go of
My spirit animal

& served up
in pink meringue floats

Too easily words of war
Become acts of war

It’s time we reviewed
the accounts				

You need to know just how much
this is going cost you


Lara Glenum is the author of five full-length poetry collections: The Hounds of No, Maximum Gaga, Pop Corpse, All Hopped Up On Fleshy Dumdums, and the forthcoming Junk Shot. These three poems are from her latest work-in-progress, The Diseases of Astonishment. She teaches in the MFA program at LSU.