Sex Dungeon for Sale! Coloring Contest

Michael Louie


Patrick Wensink, the author of the short story collection Sex Dungeon for Sale! is having an interesting contest over on his site. It’s a coloring contest featuring scenes from stories in his book, including “Jesus Toast,” “My Son Thinks He’s French,” “Chicken Soup for the Kidnapper’s Soul.” To make things more interesting, he’s offering as awards a few of his favorite books of 2009, autographed, not by him like Vincent Gallo would offer, but by the author’s themselves. Break out those crayons and hi-liters and win autographed copies of Fool (Christopher Moore), Tales Designed to Thrizzle (Michael Kupperman), AM/PM (Amelia Gray), and Help! A Bear is Eating Me! (Mykle Hansen). —mkl

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