Calum Lockey


Youre horny after missing the train so we fuck in the paris airbnb

Im freaked out so i stop

Bettina Funcke remarks that there arent enough women at the John Knight panel

The meth head next to me on the tram is staring at the same girl as me

After we get back from paris i leave immediately for berlin

You told me i have autism i told you i definitely don’t

You take your top off at the waterfall
We fuck in your hot shed

Buchholz looks at the back of Isa’s head

You told me you loved me at Charing Cross
I told you I loved you on facebook while you sat and cried in a cafe



I watched the wire while you pretended to sleep

Hawkins and Melgaard

I have gastro on the 40 hour flight
Every plane and airport is running the same HSBC campaign


Second Generation Warfare marks a qualitative shift by the advent of enhanced firepower and communications abilities and the Tactical use of Fire and Movement with reliance on indirect fire are characteristics of Second Generation Warfare.

You told me after we fucked that I should be careful or i would hurt you
You told me that we could have violent sex and it would probably be funny

i think its bad for everyone if u can only preserve feeling ok by blocking out things that are part of reality

You used a line from the wikipedia i sent you for your work in the biennale
You emailed anne imhoff and enzo camacho


I login to the wifi at the highway salmon restaurant in sweden on the way to Ida’s studio
I havent slept for two days and you are gentle to me


Sturtevant leaves new york and oldenburg wants to kill her


Did an artist with such psycho-aesthetic investment in the invagination of commercial space ever stop to consider what might happen if, courtesy of a wildly inverting repetition, the phantasmic derangements of capitalism or branding embroiled in his concession shoppe and its merging of philosophical and commercial notions re-rendezvoused to, vagina dentata-like, bite him in the ass?


You told me in the kitchen that you have a box gap
and escalating the conflict to ‘we won’t even be in contact anymore soon u know’
Now swap buy for eat
Then fuck for buy
Then ruminate for fuck

If this is the one, Bigelow actually shot some, part, or all of one of Acconci’s most significant works. Too bad the Academy doesn’t have some kind of lifetime achievement in dues-paying hardship award.
You can sometimes tell which girls are into violence


Calum Lockey is an artist based in Australia and the co-director of Suicidal Oil Piglet.