Dennis Cooper, Mark Gluth and James Greer… West Coast Styling

Casey McKinney


Let’s raise one in a salty salute. I know at least one of this motley trio – Dennis Cooper – is in hog heaven for a set of West Coast readings, starting tonight at Book Soup in West Hollywood and heading up to San Francisco for a date at City Lights the following night.  HH ’cause he’s such a big proponent of the newest and best, and he’s on tour with two relative yearling heavyweights on the lit scene. First of all James Greer (Jim Greer of Guided By Voices and rock journalism fame, Spin et al) is with him (and well, why do you think one of Cooper’s best albumbly titled books goes by Guide), and second Mark Gluth has penned one of the best books of the year with The Later Works of Margaret Kroftis. Gluth’s getting to be a hefty music writer himself. Some suggested, by the Book Soup blood red, almost Warlohesque pic, that they should be a band. I think this could be possible. Regardless, read the jpegs there for the info and come out and see. You’ll get music one way or another. Horror Hotel at least. -CM


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