Come See Bruce Covey at Whitespace Tonight

Casey McKinney


Seen a few of these Ready Set Readings so far and I am never less than super impressed. Good job Ann Stephenson for curating. And cheers Susan Bridges for providing the perfect place to host. So if in Atlanta, come out tonight at 8 pm at 812 Edgewood in lovely Inman Park for poet Bruce Covey, a lecturer in poetry at Emory and author of Elapsing Speedway Organism, mmm sounds like a GBV song (speaking of which there’s a Jim Greer mention coming up next post.), and I hope Covey has his new book on hand, Glass is Really Liquid. Cool. -CM

BTW – per last post… Poor Corey, that was mean Mike. Oh whatever. I’m gonna get extra douchey to make up for our meanness on that one. I need colored mousse or something though. I once got sent home from school for red colored mouse (it was a little extreme for a uniformed school, cause I looked INSTANTLY OF COURSE like Johnny Rotten). But nevermind my bollocks, come see Bruce Covey.


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