Book: Bruce Hainley – Foul Mouth

Casey McKinney


Grouping a few recommends together.  First, grabbed this book down in Miami at NADA that lay amidst 2nd Cannons Publications‘ booth (we recommend them and all they do first off (someone had confused me and so I thought it was PictureBox‘s for a sec, but we recommend them too) next to Gean Moreno’s nascent, gorgeous publishing house [NAME] (see a list of their books here below in a link to Gean’s Fanzine review of Dave Hickey’s last book. And here’s a great dialogue on the svelt Bidoun site (recommended, sic) between Wayne Koestenbaum and Bruce Hainley. Hainley is a poet masquerading as a critic, and in doing so puts most critics to shame in his articles for Artforum, etc. So… Check his book!