Ruin Reviews in Review and Final Review

Sean Kilpatrick


Sean Kilpatrick’s final entry in his survey of American cities in ruin, including Detroit, Atlanta, and New York City, finds him looking back upon the ruin of language.

Ruin Review 3: Atlanta

Sean Kilpatrick


“Please note your rot. No one online does.” Sean Kilpatrick’s tour of American ruin pulls through Atlanta, GA and ends up in a boxing bar near the airport, contemplating how it feels to be a human amid humans.

Ruin Review 2

Sean Kilpatrick


In the second edition of his catalog of American ruin, Sean Kilpatrick carries his Detroit blood into Williamsburg: “But here bled such searchlight wonders, fumeless in the concoction lungs afford. They assigned my oxygen a DJ.”

Ruin Review 1

Sean Kilpatrick


The first of an ongoing series by Detroit native Sean Kilpatrick, in which the author takes work as a door-to-door fundraiser in a city already in the midst of immeasurable decay.

Two Elucidations

Sean Kilpatrick


Sean Kilpatrick provides commentary on two works of media that have influenced his writing, including his latest, Gil the Nihilist.