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Some words for Harvey Pekar

Michael Louie



It seems like every time I go to write something for the magazine these days it’s because somebody died. Today (6/13)…

Impermanence Opening at Hendershot Gallery

Michael Louie



Former Barcelona resident, Fanzine contributor and Fanzine buddy Jess Shaefer just got a new gig as gallery director at…

Tribute video for Robert Culp

Michael Louie



This is a still image I took from the tribute video for Robert Culp’s memorial service this past weekend at the Egyptian…

“GENTLEMEN, GENTLEMEN…” Brief Times With Robert Culp

Michael Louie


I read this motto today in the LA Times: "Gentlemen, gentlemen, be of good cheer, for they are out there and we are in here." It’s a great toast by men of character and taste; the words attributed to actor Robert Culp and spoken by the likes of Hugh Hefner. Unfortunately I had to read this in the Times’ obituary for Robert, who died Wednesday after falling outside of his home. Robert was the father of a good friend of mine, a friend himself, and part of what I considered my surrogate West Coast family. I was always welcome in his house and his generosity and class were unmatched. It’s a sorrowful farewell to a man who was a great friend to many, though I remain thankful that chin had such powerful genetics.

Corey “The Haimster” Haim is Dead

Michael Louie


By now you’ve probably heard. Corey "The Haimster" Haim is dead. He was 38 and had lost something…

Everything is Bigger in Texas Except…

Michael Louie


brains? Well, that’s probably not an entirely fair assessment. But according to a recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll, nearly 33…

Underground Lobster Lair in Greenpoint

Michael Louie



My friend Ben Sargent (remember him from the article on the Brooklyn Fishing Derby) has been a busy man. This past weekend…

The Chase is Always Better Than the Kill

Michael Louie


Michael Louie spent five weeks deep in the trenches during the first annual Brooklyn Fishing Derby, which happened to start the first day of mandatory fishing licenses for all New York saltwater anglers. He seeks out the secret and hidden fishing spots amongst the new development and regimented city property and finds that maybe he’s not quite the terrible fisherman he thought he was.

Sex Dungeon for Sale! Coloring Contest

Michael Louie


Patrick Wensink, the author of the short story collection Sex Dungeon for Sale! is having an interesting contest over on his site. It’s…