Wolf Blitzer has done it again!

Casey McKinney


Well we had already mentioned that Obama had clinched the Democratic nomination earlier yesterday, and then upon arriving home the TV is on CNN. And of course there’s Wolf Blitzer center stage, the one man situation room, bringing us the “breaking news” around 9 pm eastern time. Blitzer, if I recall, also helped bring us (into) the Iraq war a few times with official situation room announcements. This pronouncement however seems much more hopeful.

While most of the media seems ready to move on to a decided fight between Obama and McCain, it was still unclear last night whether or not Clinton conceded.

*BTW that Blitzer is again by Mr. Jock, to whom Fanzine promised more would be written about if he drew him…. Not to editorialize, but all I could think to add was the “(into)” above, which was somehow left out before. Was thinking there might a good youtube video to sum up the Blitzer effect, prior to the second US/Iraq war, but instead only found this.

But that’s not really the news. Congrats to Obama… -CM

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