Wisdom From the Dead

Casey McKinney


Spent yesterday, or was it the day before? Some kind of lost weekend, drunk on the thought of… pontificating (notice this word come up in the interview down below with David Foster Wallace), whether one writer I really love had just tweeted:

Now any other day, who knows what this meant, but it came on the heels of the death of another favorite writer of mine…Salinger (getting tired of typing the periods between the J and the D and so just spent an extraordinary amount of time explaining that.) So it must have…

Anyway, oh and this is doppelg√§nger week on facebook right? Which means (yeah I’m hip to that) either this:

…or that I look like Gene Wilder. Or Jon Voight, someone suggested (my dad looks kinda like him). And… well, what’s my point? Dunno. Honestly I am here to say that Lada Gaga has been on the scene for what? a year now and I’ve only seen her in one or two things. And could give a shit…can you say that on air? Head overloaded with info… too much.

So watch DFW here, and think of the good old days. Then pontificate that maybe he didn’t kill himself, but went underground during the financial… do I have to bring that up again?… to reemerge as Lady Gaga.¬† And maybe Bret didn’t write that above, or maybe he meant someone totally unfamous, which would be a hoot and a half for anyone who’s bothered to read any of his great satire past American Psycho. Maybe it was a video game character…? Maybe I should tweet John Mayer and ask.

Anyway, here’s the Wallace below (it’s in 10 parts, so go off to youtube to watch the rest). Going to bed, then spending the day offline, with family, and maybe even reading a little. Love to all, seriously. -CM

PS- And when you finish that, if you haven’t yet, read Alec Niedenthal’s essay on Wallace on HTML Giant (sorry not trying to snag all y’all’s stuff, but your cup is overflowing this past week, and somehow I saw this video before reading this great essay.)


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