Varg Vikernes on Twitter

Casey McKinney


Hey folks, in case you were wondering where Varg Vikernes is, you know at any given moment? in a Twitter kind of way? Well now you can! You can track the Burzum black metal musician/murderer and get his exact GPS coordinates from jail! From the kitchen to the rec yard to the shower to well… how big is jail there in Norway anyhow? I don’t know, but that’s a sweet looking pic he has there on his profile page. Maybe rehabilitation works in Norway, and with their shortened sentences, heck he could be hunting me down soon for making this joke. Anyways, give him a holler. I just got on Twitter myself, but basically so I can say that I am disappearing for a few days and can’t be reached. The internet is too much sometimes, but hey, no fear some new articles coming on Fanzine soon… -CM

PS- Brandon Stosuy sent me this link ths morning, and he’s hosting a good metal show this weekend, so go check it if you are in New York. See the listing

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