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FILE--A group of former Heaven's Gate members has planned a public showing of a 70-minute tape in Berkeley, Calif., featuring the cult's late leader, Marshall Applewhite, shown in this March 28, 1997 file photo.  ``We've been feeling like we're not doing a good enough job of making our information available to people,'' said Chuck Humphrey, a spokesman for the group calling itself the Away Team. Humphrey gained notoriety when he and another man downed a mix of alcohol, phenobarbital and applesauce in May with hopes of joining 39 Heaven's Gate members who committed suicide near San Diego in March.  Wayne Cooke died, but Humphrey was found in a hotel near San Diego unconscious with a plastic bag pulled off his face. He was revived.  (AP Photo/File)

Curious: An Interview with Living Representatives of Heaven’s Gate

Troy James Weaver


Almost twenty years after the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide in 1997, survivors of the group continues to run and operate a website devoted to their beliefs. Recently, Troy James Weaver corresponded with the site’s overseer via email for a behind the scenes look at the current state of their beliefs and practices.