RIP J.D. Salinger

Casey McKinney


Just heard this. J. D. Salinger died at age 91. More in a bit…

But quickly, I was hoping he’d never die, just be more like what’s his name, D.B. Cooper, the old plane bandit. Mystery forever.  Makes me think how much I miss privacy, still I want to know what Salinger was doing all these lost decades.  Will read up and get back on it.

Franny and Zooey though, one of the best ever, hell the whole Glass family saga.

Meanwhile stare at this, one of my prized old books, one of his lesser read I guess. God I love that font. They should rename it the Salinger.  Anyway, before I dribble out something dumb, let me digest this info. No prefab obit here. -CM


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