Press: Awkward Birkensnake

Ben Bush


Birkensnake Issue 3Novelist Brian Conn and Fanzine contributor Joanna Ruocco edit the fiction journal Birkensnake. While issue two was bound in a weird, plasticky velour cover and then singed with a blowtorch, they’ve really outdone themselves with issue three, which is printed in a somewhat biblical font and encased in this odd, folding cover that I can only liken to one of those cabinets that hold torahs at the synagogue. You’ll just have to buy yourself a copy due to my inability to describe it. Additionally, I wanted to give a recommendation for issue two of the Awkward Press literary journal. In the iPad edition of the book, short film interpretations of many of the stories are interspersed in the text and are, of course, playable on the iPad. The publishers believe they are the innovators of this particular combination of book and video, which we can only assume will come to dominate publishing in the 21st century. Nicely done. -BB