Paul Newman RIP

Casey McKinney


With great regret I am reporting the death of the great Paul Newman. As one of the best and recognizable actors in America, as well as a maker of fine snacks, pasta sauces, and salad dressings, Newman meant a great deal to me, not only for his performances as Reggie Dunlop in Slap Shot (see above image and opening sequence which foreshadows the film as the best sports movie of all time, next to the original Bad News Bears), Luke in Cool Hand Luke (the banjo song, the 50 hardboiled eggs, the escapes, J.D. Cannon’s famous speech which Guns ‘N Roses ripped off in their crappy song “Civil War,” George Kennedy as Dragline), The Hustler, Hud, The Long Hot Summer, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.… The list goes on and on. His CV of playing notorious, unlovable rogues, moody antiheros, and an aging and not-so-good hockey coach made me always envious of my old roommate’s framed 8×10 of Newman, which he bought at the Alabama St. Flea Market. —mkl