Paul Chan in No Particular Order

Casey McKinney


Sorry I’ve had a weird week. Had to simultaneously help my (fill in the blank1) out with something pretty important (that I can’t get into here), and then, right afterwards, we had a baby shower, with many guests coming in from out of town. Thanks everyone! It was a blast. Can’t believe it all came together.

And now, just getting back to normal and getting really back online tonight, I noticed from emails from Thom Donovan – and can see obviously looking back on it – that we had most of Paul Chan’s captions out of order.  They all got shifted somehow. Of course, originally I did have the final image correct, Baghdad in No Particular Order, 2003.  Oh the irony. Well it’s all fixed now.  Refresh each page on your browser and reread!  It’s a good excuse to, and if you missed it, well read for the first time now – all the better. -Casey

1. The cross out is a nod to Mr. Chan. But then again, I also do need to keep that private.

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