Music: The Antlers – Hospice

Casey McKinney


Now in Atlanta, trying to use my Shazam app on the iPhone to tag every fly hip hop drop heard while driving with knees. Prob is, most of the mixes are so fresh, they don’t register. So I revert to what now feels like the old school colonial world of Brooklyn, still producing amazing indie rock, naysayers be damned. In the move I noticed a rare impression missed in packing, The Wingdale Community Singers’ Spirit Duplicator – described as alt-country, but more-oft-than-not Bertolt Brechtish tunes like “Naked Goth Girls,” with author Rick Moody writing the mood along with Hannah Marcus, et al. And I know this came out a month ago, but am still floored by the Antlers’ new album Hospice. It’s at times neo-shoegazing glory, at others Lo-Fi 4 track tapespun, Lou Barlowish bliss a la the track “Two.” -CM