Music: Japandroids: Post-Nothing

Casey McKinney


Maybe some of you have been watching the Olympics? It’s in Vancouver? ends this weekend, right? If I were there (am still unwelcome in Canada, long story) and I had a snowboard and could… I’m pretending, weee, anyway, I might, in honor of some Vancouverites, the Japandroids, if I were say Shaun White, I would’ve donned some ear buds and blasted something from Post-Nothing on that victory lap he did with the Tomahawk. No you can’t rock out to them this weekend in Vancouver; sorry hockey fans, they’re in the UK on tour and about to head back to the States for SXSW. Don’t know much about Japandroids except they seem to combine the best elements of most of the rock I’ve loved since the early 90s, like hints of Superchunk crossed with Swervedriver and at times even a constant grind of a faster Sleep (and etc, some Pinback? Mark Robinson? – beneath the fuzz? my head’s spinning, like trying to b.s. my way through a wine description), and still be totally fresh. Well as the label says, it’s Post-Nothing. To their credit, every P-N song is mixed sans frills, as if it were live (and I hear what? two pedals max on the guitars?), but wait it’s only two guys?? ok good studio work. Japandroids are a keeper. -CM