Music: Four Tet: There is Love in You

Casey McKinney


Ah Four Tet, king of the click, or pop click, clique, off the beaten blip of a tick…tock…dock? or sundry sampled warble, or what can I say? tough transition there for a while, ashes rising from the 2000 dot com crash, a reemergence from lazy house Dj-ing – when every Autechre release was so lauded and scrutinized, and people faux feigned an interest in Libeskind style architecture?…ha…I was digging the classic compositions of Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) and Aphex Twin, Mouse on Mars and Prefuse 73. Well…if uninitiated, god, maybe Tet’s sound now is actually a bit retro (or re…de…fined, no apologies) – if not, it’s a fucking warm bath (which incidentally I should do, now, take a bath, cause I can’t keep any more info in my head….ha, “the first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”…I do remember that – almost mixed up Four Tet with Boom Bip, one of their remixers for a sec, similar, also quite good, whatevs, music is good. FT deserves better than I can pen.). -C.M.