McCain Giving to Obama Campaign

Schi O'Malley


Where was this originally said? That the McCain Campaign was now donating to the Obama camaign? Well in case you missed the Barracuda brouhaha, this is how it works out. McCain buys the rights to “Barracuda” by Heart for use when they introduce Sarah Palin at the RNC (read why here, something about basketball), without Heart’s approval. Pissed, Heart (Ann and Nancy Wilson) and the song’s original writer, Brian Rogers (not really pissed, he’s making bank on the deal), are all now donating money in large dose to the Barack Obama campaign. Hence, the McCain campaign by using the song and paying for it is now donating to the Obama campaign. Someone said something the other night about how the original song was about corporate greed or something (I always thought the song was some kind of vagina dentata war cry kind of thing, with a killer riff, so now I am totally confused). Anyway, we are late on this news.



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