June Emotional Poem (cum-patiri)

Ben Fama



after L. C.

Even in summer
I miss summer
suffering together
at the desert’s edge
sieve of massacres
emerging markets
when I die bury me in
my matching pajama set
with a bottle of champagne
then have a drink for me
it’s been so long
tan in Savannah
denuded at Myrtle Beach
feeling alive on a rental car ride
good credit is a man’s best friend
deterritorialized production
I’d like to sharpen my tone
brighten the contrast
so nodes of contact distend
to various cultural accounts
dreams have never clarified
anything I’ve ever wanted
I know there’s an answer
if you’re going to San Francisco
this sounds like
a poor man’s ‘Ben Fama’ poem
but I am a poor man


Ben Fama is the author of several chapbooks and pamphlets, including the artist book Mall Witch (Wonder), Cool Memories (Spork), Odalisque (Bloof), and Aquarius Rising (UDP). His writing has appeared in The Believer, Denver Quarterly, Boston Review, Jubilat, Lit, and The Brooklyn Rail, among others. He is the co-founder of Wonder, and lives in New York City. Fantasy (UDP) is his first full-length poetry collection.