Josh Cohen on HTML Giant

Casey McKinney


Okay so no posts lately as I’ve been trying to get my head around this economic collapse and since there’s absolutley too much to say right now on that topic, am holding off, but besides reading daily about one or another sordid character making off with the loot have been reading David Denby’s American Sucker about the dot com market collapse he got involved in, prompted after reading Denby’s Snark which came out this month…more on both of those soon I hope. Denby’s somebody I never thought I’d ever write an essay about, so it’s a compelling thought, and there are some good threads running in his 3 books now, taken together…anyway, promises, promises, meanwhile I missed this interview with Josh Cohen on HTML Giant. Which you should check out. Cohen’s written some amazing books the past few years and deserves more attention. Also just saw some amazing stills from Damon Packard’s new movie Nausicaa, in production.  Tomorrow is the Oscars, and looking forward to the wrap ups from Kevin Killian and Benjamin Strong again….

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