Bret Easton Ellis on Vice and Happy Birthday DC’s

Casey McKinney


Just got an email from Matt Musick at Vice magzine saying they just published the longest Bret Easton Ellis interview in history, which made me think (maybe selfishly), huh, longer than the old Mall Punk one I did with him, aeons ago…2000? which made me google and try and find that talk, upon which I realized I’d let the site lapse that was housing it. I need to scan those old zines and make them available on the web. But then I feel I was so young and inexperienced when I made those – how would they hold up? (oh whatever, only my design and layout is sorta crummy – helvetica pre-American Apparell, or start-up simultaneously – jokingly (can thank Matt Greene for that funny tip); but the fiction and art everyone contributed was outstanding). Well until they are scanned here’s well… well regardless, read this on VICE. It’s up to the moment, and good.

I’m one of Ellis’ biggest fans and think he’s the best Satirist of the last quarter century. I can’t wait to read Imperial Bedrooms. Thinking back now the only thing I did about Ellis on the web – which is kind of a mess too, but has its moments – is an essay about Bret, Dennis Cooper, Jesse Bransford, James Joyce, you name it. Called ‘Fathers, Sons and Spirits‘ (a PDF link which downloads). Was in John Russell’s Frozen Tears III book. Thank you John.

BTW, also just bought a drawing by Juliet Jacobson of the moon, for my son Rowan. A) because it’s awesome and B) because it reminds me of a poster in Lunar Park, which I discuss in that essay, along with God Jr., Ulysses, um, Hamlet… There’s a briefer version that delves more into the feminine side of Bransford’s work somewhere too….

Oh and speaking of Dennis, here’s a good interview with him about Ugly Man that just hit the web. Check his blog today btw, it’s the blog’s 5th birthday. Amazing opening cartoon with Oscar B. (recently also interviewed on Fanzine).


And here’s Juliet’s drawing at at earlier stage. It’s now finished and framed, but still bubblewrapped because we still have to hang it. Properly…


Oh and lastly, here’s my drawing I did of Bret for that Mall Punk interview. Well it’s a loose interpretation (and easier to scan that than the actual text for now, which needs to be in a PDF, so…that’s what you get.) -CM


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