Book: Sex Dungeon for Sale!

Michael Louie


This came in the mail––Patrick Wensink’s collection of short stories Sex Dungeon for Sale! is one of those rare gifts we (or rather, I) get every now and again. Wensink’s title story concerns a quick-lipped real estate agent selling unusual real estate with specialized features. His stories are darkly humorous, peppered with pop culture references for people who were children in the ’90s watching MTV after school. In fact, I think all of these stories have a special affinity for people who watched MTV after school in the 90s. That and maybe stoned old episodes of Saved by the Bell and Alf. And they actually love you back, with stories of killer home appliances, new occupations for Broadway dance choreographers, cures for a kidnapper’s ennui, recurrent death-humor, and a suddenly Francophile son. Oui oui, indeed. Sex Dungeon for Sale comes out early October.