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In a State of Confusion and Being Lucid As I Can: JOYELLE MCSWEENEY interviews DENNIS COOPER

Joyelle McSweeney


On the publication of his GIF-novel, Zac’s Haunted House, Joyelle McSweeney interviews Dennis Cooper on violence, politics, porn, style, and collaboration.


A Review of Don Mee Choi’s Freely Frayed,ᄏ=q, & Race=Nation

Joyelle McSweeney


Freely Frayed takes a look at how the work of Korean poets such as Don Mee Choi and Kim Hyesoon grapple with the US’s manipulation of their home country as a military toy. Joyelle McSweeney reviews.

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Wake Up For The First Time Again

Joyelle McSweeney


A new translation of The Metamorphosis evokes shades of Gus Van Sant-like youth. Joyelle McSweeney reviews.


A Review of Lonely Christopher’s Death & Disaster Series

Joyelle McSweeney


Warhol, the occult, and money-logic swarm together in Joyelle McSweeney’s exploration of Lonely Christopher’s latest.


A Review of Hilda Hilst’s The Obscene Madame D

Joyelle McSweeney


Joyelle McSweeney breaks down the layers upon layers of multivalent modes alive and ahead of their time in Hilda Hilst’s The Obscene Madame D.