Wolf Fucker

Aurelia Guo



Wolf Fucker

century of the self

u sympathise w carrie bradshaw and just need to feel the weight of a man on top of u

big, happy, and close to giving birth
im the boy that cried wolf —

the personality is usually gone forever
part of the fabric of your life

i don’t want a radical subjectivity or subjectivity at all

or speak at all
Stop Happening

and collecting you




Wolf Fucker

Told u I was using u
u dont come around

See Dick come
down into the ground
into the earth
where its dark
u groaned, hid yourself and didnt think
paupers like us

sees every structure as the ruin it will turn into
horrible truth being the future is a continuation of the past




Wolf Fucker

Without thinking is this who I am now? Talk more to u than anyone. Sometimes ur the only person i talk to for days. Dont I seem it? Im not invited to their dinner parties. We live in a big group of photos. Big tshirt and boy shorts. Rope sandals = rape sandals




Wolf Fucker

U r my pet. Fucking in front of a monument. Evergreen Admired – hold the phone. I think this is my ex cheating on me. Ive been looking for the video for years. Real sex≠phone sex. Keep crying though you fucking neckbeard.

Pole dancer body and I unfriend white people who go to Africa. Have sin but throw the first stone
My Struggle. Did u know all today’s greatest poets are rappers?
I Have my Own Personal Hell of Objects: No Substitutes




Wolf Fucker

U carry my thing around
i get it now

You’re the reasonable person
I’ve hurt you

we were in a group show
then we had the same beer
i used ur iPhone
i dont write
i dont write thanks bye


Aurelia Guo (b. 1989, Harbin, China) is a poet living in Melbourne.

Fanzine’s Late Summer / Fall poetry editor is Penny Goring. Penny Goring lives in London. She makes things.