Why Does Coldplay…er…?

Casey McKinney


Speaking of 60 Minutes (see previous blog postwe are blazing away trying to get our blog up to date after some serious ignoring for months), here’s a little Andy Rooney legacy for you. A question he might be bothered by. Like (and I owe the recent noticing of this phenom to a facebook post by friend Joel Westendorf): “why, if I type in ‘why’ in Google does it automatically fill in such shit questions? What’s wrong with these people on their internets?” Last week though, I could relate to one of the “why” questions – number 7 of 10: “why won’t my eye stop twitching,” which I guess is now out of vogue as my eye did stop twitching and it’s no longer in the top ten searches. Maybe it was something in the air and Google is really on top of things?

Or how about “Is”? Are people only concerned with who is preggers and who is gay and who isn’t?

I just read an article about why U2 kinda sucks but is still really cool on Slate. Made me recall the other night when our new baby sitter texted us and said that she was playing to our (quite gifted musically 20 month old…yes I’m one of those daddys full of braggadocio…but he is, really) ….um, that she had been playing Coldplay to our toddler and he was digging it. Nooooo… I told Robin to text her back to stop. Tell me it’s not true! Which leads me to ask Google again: Why Does Coldplay… ??

…suck? Is Coldplay the new U2. Not really. No, they just suck, all around. Really. -CM

PS- notable sidenote. Both “Why did I get married” and if you look carefully at the last screen shot “Does marriage suck as much as Coldplay” both get high search marks.