Where’s a Good Dictator When You Need Her/Him?

Casey McKinney


James Lovelock at The Guardian on Climate Change. “Humans are too stupid….”

So we got health care, maybe (some in other countries would argue that we shouldn’t even call it “health care reform” cause it’s simply a mandate to buy into preexisting corporate care; and watch what Justice Roberts and the 11 Red and Rowdy Republican Governors try and pull out their cowboy hats last minute.  Don’t believe they can’t fuck it up? Remember Florida in 2000…?)

OK that’s done…but not sure what to think of this: Climate change so severe that dictatorial fascism or communism is our only hope? I swear our Congress needs an overhaul. Get to a parliamentary system. We need quicker changes now when essential. And drunken loud mouthed politicians, like in Britain, they are more effective drunk (I think of the debating power of Christopher Hitchens, not a politician, but educated the same) than we are – sober OR drunk. We’re just drunk on handouts, greased wheels, lobbyist milk and mana. We delay policy while Wall Street makes its money, saying shhh…Paulson to Pelosi...shhhh… hold on while we short or balloon ad infinitum, while the gab goes on. I dunno. I just want coverage sans preexisting conditions. Give ME that and you can let the markets take back over… I guess.

This is just a thought, don’t take it seriously.


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