Two Poems

Anna Crews






Poem by Anna (just for fun and erotic, not to be taken as serious work)

Reading is boring

But I want to be a writer?

A confession(noun. definition: something I need to get off my chest…)

I was in a relationship with Joe Rogan in the year 2000 when he was hot as fuck. Then we have an inside joke and it is something he refers to in his podcasts a couple of times per year.

Later, in 2017, I read a Joe Rogan blog entry where he described his ideal girl as “natural D cup breasts, tall and skinny”. So I would fit the description of me, Joe Rogan’s girl he wanted. He is still hung up on me. Bought me Bulgari Bracelet like what the fuck. Carla Bruni was the face of that brand, he thinks of me like Carla Bruni? Former first lady of France and poor man’s Jane Birkin? NO thanks buddy Joe Rogan I am breaking up with you.

In a great relationship now

Hank Moody and Don Draper in a train, that’s my fantasy




God Hates Us All (by Hank Moody)

All God’s children get weary when they roam
That makes me want to stay home
9-5 Monday-Friday I spend it alone